Portable power station, also known as solar generator, battery generator, is a compact power device that is fitted with Lithium-ion battery cells and an AC power inverter and support multiple kinds of recharge methods including solar power. A portable power station can power not just your phones, laptops. Some high-power models can even power an small air conditioner for hours (Like the BLUETTI AC200). Whether you enjoy roughing it on the weekends or live in an area with frequent blackouts, owning a BLUETTI portable power station is one of the smartest investments you can make. Not only does it provide a reliable source of off-grid power but its ability to be easily carried allows it to go almost anywhere.

Bluetti Portable Power Station

Can I carry my portable power station to an airplane?

Any battery that exceeds 100wh is prohibited to be taken to an airplane, so the only option left for air travel is BLUETTI AC10 (99wh/100Watt).

Whats its biggest advantages against gas-fired generator?

  1. Zero emissions. No carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, etc. You can feel free to use a portable power station in a closed RV carriage, yurt, tent and your bedside.(It is strictly forbidden to use a gas-fired generator in closed space!)
  2. Quiet like a floor fan, get you through the summer night blackouts during heat waves, without any unbearable noise.
  3. Free solar power input. Let the sun charge all your fun!

What is MPPT?

MPPT(Max Power Point Tracking) is an advanced solar charging controller that can significantly improve the efficiency of solar charging. All of BLUETTI’s portable power stations are equipped with MPPT controller except for AC20(200wh/120watt).

What is open circuit voltage of solar panels?

Open-circuit voltage (abbreviated as OCV or VOC ) is the difference of electrical potential between two terminals of a solar panel when disconnected from any circuit. Higher OCV brings faster charging speed of the solar panel.


What is a pure sine wave inverter?

An inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). A sine wave is a continuous wave that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation. Conventional AC power is produced by rotating machines and is mathematically described as a sine wave. It is the ideal waveform for the transfer of AC power with very low harmonic distortion. Pure sine wave inverters produce power which equals or better than the power in home. All BLUETTI’s portable power stations have built-in pure sine wave inverters except for the AC10.


Which BLUETTI power station is the perfect choice for your needs (Zoom in the image for better reading experience):