EP900 Energy Storage System

Reach Power Independence with Peace of Mind

Solar Energy Storage 24/7

Sustainable Energy

Outage Protection

Always-ready backup power

Energy Bill Savings

Manage expensive utility peak pricing

Flexible Energy Solution, Grid Optional

With an impressive 10-20kWh energy storage capacity and up to 9,000W of continuous output power, the EP900 can accommodate all your daily needs. It provides safe, reliable backup power during utility power outages. Power all your 120V and 240V appliances and sell any excess energy to the Utility. A smart investment that can pay for itself and even generate income in the long run.

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  • How Does EP900 Benefit Our Life?
    Solar panels generate electricity during daylight hours-often generating in excess of actual daytime demand. Adding a battery energy storage system captures this excess solar energy and makes it available for later use. Harness solar energy anytime with the EP900, even when the sun is not shining.
Astonishing 7,600W to 18,000W Output
Superpower For Heavy-duty Work
One single EP900 system provides up to 9,000W* of power, which can be doubled to 18,000W by connecting two units, enough to power the most home appliances without any fuss, such as washer, dryer, heater, refrigerator, and more. * The output power for a EP900+2*B500 combo is 7,600W while running off the grid.
120V/240V Dual Voltage

Take Care Of All Your Devices

To power 240V appliances and power tools at your home or worksite, an energy storage system with high-voltage output capability is required. While most products in the market can provide either 120V or 240V, the EP900 system can simultaneously supply both from a single base unit.

120V appliances
240V appliances
Power Your Home for Weeks
Thanks to its modular design, it is easy to stack up as your energy needs grow over time. With B500 (4,960Wh each) expansion batteries, you can expand the capacity from 9.9kWh to 39.6kWh to meet your power demands even for a few weeks.
New Solar System
without solar system
Ultra-Wide Compatibility
Max. 9kW input

BLUETTI EP900 is compatible with new/existing solar system to store solar energy for any time use.

You can also integrate EP900&B500 into the main grid as a backup power without solar system.


Without any compromise on safety, BLUETTI EP900 is built with the most reliable and stable LiFePO₄ battery cells for the sake of an extended lifespan and safe operation.

For Your Peace of Mind

10-year Warranty

The warranty covers any unexpected issues and ensures a worry-free performance for years.


Installation Service*

Simply sit back and let the pros handle the installation for you.
* Optional.


IP65 Rating

It's resistant to water splashes and dust, so feel free to install it indoors or out.


Noise ≤ 50dB

It keeps a whisper-soft operation without disturbing your relaxation, sleep or work.

Real-time Control
At A Distance

Whether you're at home or on the go, you can seamlessly control the EP900 from your phone. Set up working mode, manage power consumption, view charging status, and even perform OTA updates, all in a matter of clicks.

real-time-control real-time-control
real-time-control real-time-control
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It's Time for Energy Independence

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Tech Spec

  • Weight: 97lbs / 44kg
    Length: 25 inch/636 mm
    14.4 inch / 368 mm
    Width: 12.7 inch/
    324 mm

    Scalability With 2~4 B500 (9.9kWh~19.8kWh)

    App Control BLUETTI APP via WiFi or Bluetooth

    Warranty 10 Years

    Protection Grade IP65

    Noise ≤50 dB (A)

    Working Temperature -4℉~122℉ / -20℃~50℃

    Relative Humidity 5%~95%

    AC (Grid-tied)

    Output Power (240V) 9kW

    Wiring L1 / L2 / N / G

    Voltage 120VAC / 240VAC

    Output Current 37.5A × 2

    Input Frequency 60Hz

    On and Off-grid Switching Time <10ms

    Protection Anti-islanding Protection
    Output Overcurrent Protection
    Short-circuit Protection
    Over-temperature Derating
    Over-temperature Shutdown
    Note: The PV system is installed on
    the battery side and has no residual
    current detection.

    AC (Off-Grid)

    Output Power (240V) 9kW
    Note: 7.6kW with 2 B500

    Output Voltage 120VAC / 240VAC

    Output Current 37.5A × 2

    Input Frequency 60Hz

    Protection Output Overcurrent Protection
    Output Short-circuit Protection
    Over Temperature Protection

    PV Input

    Maximum Input Power 9kW with 4 B500
    7.5kW with 3 B500
    5kW with 2 B500

    MPPT Channels 2 (3000W + 6000W)

    Array In Series 1/2 (3000W + 6000W)

    Maximum Input Voltage 550V

    MPPT Voltage Range / Rated 150V~500V / 360V

    Single MPPT Maximum Input Current 12.5A / 25A

    MPPT Efficiency 99.90%

    PV Inversion Efficiency 97.0% Max.

    Protection Reverse Polarity Protection
    Insulation Resistance Detection
    Arcing Detection

  • Weight: 127.86lbs / 58kg
    Length: 25 inch / 636 mm
    14.4 inch / 368 mm
    Width: 12.7 inch/
    324 mm

    Protection Grade IP65

    Noise <25dB

    Operating Temperature Charging: 32℉~104℉ / 0℃~40℃
    Charging: -4℉~104℉ / -20℃~40℃ (Inverter connects to the grid)
    Discharging: -4℉~104℉ / -20℃~40℃

    Storage Temperature -4℉~104℉ / -20℃~40℃/ At least one charge cycle per month.
    32℉~95℉/ 0℃~35℃ / At least one charge cycle every six months.

    Working Humidity 5%-95%

    Working Altitude <2000m


    Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells (LiFePO4)

    Rated Capacity 4960Wh

    Usable Capacity 4464Wh

    DoD 90%

    Short-circuit Protection Yes