Solar Sailing: How to Power a Boat with Portable Solar Panels and Generator

Owing to advancements in marine technology, the boats we have nowadays are more dependent on electronic systems than ever before. Naturally, this means that boats require a lot of electricity to power these electronics. Normally, boat owners use the power from their engines to charge their batteries and power the electricals in their boats, turning their boats into gas guzzlers.

However, with portable solar generators and a portable solar panel for boats, you can enjoy a more reliable and potent energy source for your boat that will make your sailing not only more eco-friendly, but also much more economical in the long run. So join us as we explore how can you power a boat with solar portable generators and panels!

Why Do Boats Need Electrical Energy?

Sailing in the vast open seas can be a fun and thrilling adventure. However, it can also turn dangerous and forbidding pretty quickly as winds pick up momentum and the seas become rough. In a nutshell, art of sailing is one that is accompanied by many uncertainties. That is why; boats have dedicated safety features to make sailing safer.

In addition to this, boats are also often equipped with appliances and tech that make your sea adventure more fun and enjoyable. Needless to say, all these systems and devices require electrical energy to function.

The Problem with the Traditional Way to Power Boats

Originally, the engine of the boat was, and is still, used to generate the required energy needed to power the systems and technology commonly found in boats. 

According to the old conventional ways, the engine of the boat would be hooked up to a marine battery and when turned on, some portion of the power generated by the engine would get converted into electricity and stored in the battery. This electricity would then be used to power the electrical systems onboard the boat.

The problem with this approach is that it demands a lot of work from your boat’s engine since it not only has to drive the boat, but also power the electrical systems and appliances on your sea cruiser. More work for the engine essentially translates to a higher fuel consumption and hence, higher fuel costs for you to bear each time you take your boat out for a spin.

And with time, as the number of electrical devices on boats keeps increasing, the power required from the engine does too. This means that your boat will become an even more of a gas guzzler than it already is, as you add more and more tech to it.

How Can You Power a Boat with Solar Portable Generator and Portable Solar Panels

Powering your boat using portable solar panels and a solar power generator for boats is actually quite easy. A portable solar generator is essentially a complete energy generation and storage unit having its own dedicated inverter, charge controller, and battery management system.

Or, you could simply think of it as a portable battery storage system that can be charged by a portable solar panel for boats. The system boasts a boxed, compact and portable form factor allowing you to easily place it anywhere in your boat.

So how do you power your boat with it? To fully explain the system and how to use it, let’s start from the top. First you need to find a suitable place on your boat to store the solar generator system; it should be someplace where the system does not get exposed to the water or other elements.

You then connect the system to your portable solar panel for boats which can be set up on the roof of your boat or anywhere that receives a good amount of sunlight. When this is done, the solar panels will start generating electrical energy which will be directed to the battery of your solar generator.

But before the electricity reaches the battery for storage, it must pass through the charge controller and battery management system. The variation in the intensity of sunlight reaching your solar panels can cause its electrical output to fluctuate. This fluctuation can potentially damage the battery and other components of the portable solar generator.

Therefore, the charge controller and battery management system regulate the incoming voltage to smooth out the fluctuations and protect the solar power generator for boats from any such damages. In addition, the aforementioned systems also regulate the amount of current and voltage entering as well as exiting the battery of your portable generator system. This is done to prevent the battery from overcharging and over-discharging.

Once the electrical energy passes through the charge controller and battery management system, it arrives at the battery where it gets stored for later use. Now, all you have to do is press the power button once to turn on the system, plug the electrical devices you want to power into the correct outlet ports and that is it!

It’s important to determine the correct outlet port because a portable solar generator has multiple outlets some of which supply DC electricity while the others supply AC electricity. So, make sure to plug in your DC devices into DC outlets and AC devices into AC outlets. Don’t worry; they should be clearly labeled. Batteries can only store DC energy, which is why an inverter is used to convert the DC energy to AC before channeling it to the AC outlets.

Common Boat Devices You Can Power Using Portable Solar Generators and a Portable Solar Panel for Boats

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Navigation Lights

Navigation lights are a vital safety measure and almost all boat owners are legally obligated to have them installed on their boats if they don’t have them already. These lights aid all boats in navigating the waters after sundown, between dusk and dawn, as well as during bad weather conditions like rain and fog when the visibility is extremely poor.

With the help of these lights, boats can navigate more safely and spot the give-way vessel, thereby avoiding any collisions at sea. The navigation lights required for a boat vary depending on certain factors associated with the boat. These factors are:

  • The size of your boat.
  • If your boat relies on an engine or sails.
  • Whether or not your boat is anchored.
  • Whether your boat is in inland or international seas

On Board Powered Radio Systems

Powered radios are yet another key safety device that is mandatory on all commercial boats, cruise liners, and recreational boats that are over 65.5 feet in length.  Having a powered radio system on your boat enables rapid communication between your boat and other boats, bridges, marinas, and the United States Coast Guard.

As such, you can use the radio to call for assistance, request weather forecasts and updates, and much more. Knowing this, it would be wise to have a radio system on your private boat even if you aren’t legally required to. You can easily plug in the radio system to your Bluetti solar power generator for boats and enjoy reliable communication and assistance from other sailors at sea.

Autopilot Systems

Sea adventures can be very exciting and thrilling and serve as the perfect getaway from your hectic city life routine. Breathing in that fresh salty air of the open seas has its own unique way of relaxing the body and mind. However, having to continuously stand at the helm grows tiring and can take away from the soothing experience you were hoping to achieve at sea.

Fortunately, modern boats come with autopilot systems that do an excellent job of maintaining the preset course of your boat with very few helm movements in light to moderate weather. These systems enjoy the benefit of having an endless attention span and don't get weary as their human counterparts do.

In addition, they steer extremely precisely, will save fuel and get you to your destination faster, especially when integrated with a GPS, all the while allowing you to sit back and enjoy the cool salty breeze of the sea. Using a portable solar generator paired with a portable solar panel for boats, you can easily power this electrical feature and enjoy a fun relaxing adventure at the sea.

Marine Refrigerator

Having a marine refrigerator on your boat can be a godsend. With a marine refrigerator, you can keep your perishable items fresh, your beverages cool, and even pack some food for your sea adventure and turn your solar sailing into a complete picnic over the sea.

Marine refrigerators have the added benefit of being better insulated than your ordinary refrigerators all the while consuming less energy than them. This allows your Bluetti portable solar panels and solar power generator for boats to power your refrigerator for an extended period of time without trouble.


If you have ever taken your boat out for a spin after sundown, you’ll know that it can get extremely dark out at the sea, pitch black in fact, and the visibility can go down near to zero. In such a situation, the only lights you have are the ones installed on your boat that allow you to see the waters ahead as well as around the boat.

But you needn’t worry, a high-capacity Bluetti portable solar generator can store enough energy during the day to power your boat lights throughout the night, making sure that you aren’t left in the dark.


If you have ever been at sea during the summers, you’ll know just how hot and humid it can get inside your boat. The moisture in the air can build up inside your boat’s cabin causing you sweat profusely and making it hard to breathe. In addition, the humidity can also force the gasoline fumes from the engine to linger and accumulate in the air in and around your cabin.

This can make things not just unpleasant for you but also dangerous. Fans are the perfect solution for this problem. These systems induce the required airflow in your boat’s cabin preventing the moisture or gasoline fumes from accumulating in the space. In addition, it also helps you fight off the heat. With portable solar panels and generators, you can keep your fans powered for several hours allowing you to stay cool and comfortable when sailing in the hot summer heat.

Final Thoughts

Using Bluetti portable solar panels and portable solar generators to power your boat can offer you various benefits compared to using your engine. For starters, it takes off the excess load from your engine, thereby reducing fuel consumption and allowing you to save a substantial amount on fuel costs in the long run.

In addition, using a solar power generator for boats allows you to power both your AC and DC appliances directly without having to purchase an individual inverter. The best part is that by using a small boat solar panel kit, you can enjoy electricity on small boats that do not even have an engine. This makes portable solar panels and solar generators the ideal energy source for boats.

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