Top 6 Applications And 5 Pros of Solar Generators

When most people hear of solar generators, they think of an alternate source of energy that is not as powerful as conventional power sources. In reality, solar generators offer as much power and sometimes even more. You can use them to power simple appliances ranging from bulbs to larger and more power-intensive appliances like cooling systems and many more. This article will show you how solar generators stand out as good investments for you. red power station and solar panels

What can you do with solar generators?

1. Power large appliances

Large appliances use up lots of electricity quickly, such as air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, etc. Without a doubt, these appliances would lead to a high cost per annum. For instance, it costs about $400 annually to keep your air conditioning on and about $100 to keep your refrigerator on all year round. Considering how important these tools are in the home, you can power them up using a solar power system. Although you might need a large initial investment to get solar panels that are powerful enough to power your large appliances, you will no longer have to pay for electricity again.

2. Power cooker

An electric cooker is an essential tool that every home needs, and it is one of those appliances you can power with solar systems. Cookers range from small coffee maker to a large oven in the house. With it, you can make meals either in the house or outside during camping or hiking events safely without causing any harm to the environment. So long your cookers are of moderate size, a regular-sized solar system of about 500W should be able to power it without any problems. bluetti solar generator

3. Power building tools

You can also power your drilling tools with solar systems. Drilling tools will come in handy at home and outdoor events like camping and hiking. However, building tools have become more advanced over the years, and they consume more electricity than usual. A 1500-watt solar panel could power most of the drills and routers in the market. But if you are looking to power circular saws or something bigger, you’ll need at least 3000 watts. If you plan on using multiple power tools, a 4000-watt solar array with batteries might be the best option.

4. Power electronic devices

    Today, our smart devices are just as important as food. Hardly can anyone go a day or two without checking the internet for emails, texts, and other related things. Considering the importance of these devices, most solar systems are designed to power them at the basic level. You can simply plug them via an AC adapter or a 12V DC into the solar system.   solar generator for power outage

    5. Power light

    There are numerous essential electric appliances you may require in your home or during a camping trip. One of the most important is a source of light, whether it is a bulb directly connected to a power source or a rechargeable torchlight.

    Most times, solar generators come with lights that you can use for navigating camp areas or in the house. More so, most of them come with handles or lanyards, with which you can carry them around whenever you need.

    While the lights on the generators can work, bright lamps are the most appropriate because they are mobile and very bright at the same time. Whatever you decide, a solar generator will come in handy because you will need to recharge or power your light source before the energy runs out.

    6. Power mini fan

    You will need the sun to power your solar generator, but when the sun shines brightly, it heats the campsite and your tent. A mini fan can greatly assist in mitigating such discomfort since you can power your mini fan via the AC power output, which is about 40W in most solar generators.   

    Pros of solar generators

    1. A nice emergency device

    Solar generators are ideal for emergencies, all you need is to switch on the generator and connect your devices, and you are good to go.   

    2. Portable, easy to move

    Solar generators typically weigh less compared with traditional generators. Some of them come with handles that enhance portability and make transport a breeze for you. Ideal for outdoor camping, hiking, and emergencies.

    3. Versatile

    The electricity generated from your solar generator is just like regular electricity. No matter what the size of the generator, you can use the it to power any of your appliances.

    4. Free energy

    The initial cost of purchase is all you need to pay for solar energy. Since the sunlight is free, and you no longer have to purchase fuel. Besides, solar generators have no moving parts, so you don't have to worry about replacing anything often.

    5. Less pollution

    Lastly, solar generators produce clean energy without noise or any carbon emissions, ultra friendly to the environment.  solar generator for home

    How to charge solar generators

    Solar generators get their names because you can charge them using solar energy. However, with innovations in the portable solar industry, there are various ways to charge your solar generator aside from regular solar panels.  

    1. Charging with solar panels

    The most popular method of charging solar generators is via solar panels. It is also an easy method since you can charge your portable power station anywhere as long as the sun is shining. Every solar generator comes with an input rating from the manufacturer. This rating specifies the maximum amount of solar power that can charge the battery of the solar generator without causing any damage. You need to match the rating on your generator with the power rating on your solar panel to avoid problems.

    2. Charging with an AC outlet

    You can also charge your solar generator via wall outlets in your house. This comes in handy when you are preparing for outdoor events but you are not sure there will be sunshine. Charging time can vary depending on the model. But these days, some of them typically charge to full capacity in 2hours.

    3. Charging with your vehicle 

    If you are always on the road, you might want to use your car to charge your solar generator. Some manufacturers add 12V car chargers to power the solar generator from your car's 12V outlets. 

    Recommended Products 

    bluetti ac200p power station


    This large capacity high power portable workstation is designed to keep your devices running all the time. You can use it at home and take it with you for outdoor activities.   solar generator

    It comes with a 2000Wh rated output and a 2000W capacity that is far higher than many others in the market. With the 2000Wh rating, you can power as many devices and appliances as you need. To help you do that, there are up to 17 multiple output ports specially designed to charge up to 17 devices with the power station simultaneously.  

    The power station supports solar charging, AC wall socket, car, generator, and lead-acid fast charging. With 700W solar panels and 500W AC, the station will charge to full in about 2 hours. Its dual AC adapter of 500W recharges fast in just about 2 hours. 

    bluetti pv200 solar panel

    BLUETTI PV200 200-Watt Solar Panel 

    This is a 200-Watt monocrystalline solar panel that comes with a high conversion efficiency of up to 23.4%. With its excellent 95% transparency, it outperforms its pairs and other polycrystalline solar panels, and you can use it in low-light conditions. portable solar panel

    The solar panel is built to last with its ETFE surface and the IP65 waterproof standard. So, you can use it for any outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and hiking. This portable panel is easy to carry around with its 16.1lbs weight and fold size of 23.4*24.8 inches. Finally, it comes with an MC4 connector which is compatible with most solar generators. 

    bluetti eb70 solar generator

    BLUETTI EB70S 716WH/800W Portable Power Station

    With 716Wh capacity and rated wattage of 700W, the EB70 is an ideal power station for appliances such as a mini-fridge, air pump, laptop, and more.

    It comes with a LiFePO4 battery that can provide the portable power station with 2500+ life cycles before reaching 80% capacity.bluetti solar generator

    You can charge multiple devices under 700W simultaneously with 11 outlets. The EB70 has two 100-watt PD outlet ports that can charge Type-C port electronic devices super-fast, allowing your phone/ pad/ laptop to reach 80% power in half an hour. Plus, the new generation portable power station has smart protection that keeps your devices from power surges.

    With a maximum input of 200W, this power station can be fully recharged in 3-4 hours using solar panels or an AC wall outlet. You can also recharge it fully in 7-8 hours from a 12V carport.


    1. Can a solar generator power fridge?

    Yes, there are lots of solar generators that can power your fridge. It all depends on the size and capacity of the solar generator. With a solar generator of about 2000 to 3000 watts, you should have enough power for your refrigerator.  

    2. Is a solar generator portable?

    Yes, most solar generators today are designed with portability in mind. That’s because lithium-ion batteries are lighter and smaller than traditional deep-cycle batteries. More so, they come with handles with which you can carry the generator around with ease. However, solar generators can weigh up to 10 pounds, and they get heavier as the capacity increases.

    3. Can I use a solar generator on an RV?

    Yes, with a generator that delivers up to 3000 watts or more, you are able to run an RV. Some models even come with dedicated 30-amp RV outlets that you can hook up with your car’s wiring.  

    4. How to charge solar generators?

    You can charge your solar generators using three methods, the most popular of which is to charge with solar panels. You can also charge your solar generator by your car or a wall socket.


    Solar power generators are better than traditional gas-powered ones because they produce clean energy without noise. Moreover, cutting-edge technology has made it easy for us to find solar generators today that can power even the most energy-intensive appliance. They produce no harmful emissions, which can help you reduce your carbon footprint, and allow for flexible indoor/ outdoor operations. Unlike traditional generators, you can charge solar generators using several methods, like your wall socket and even your car.

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