8 Things You Can Use A Solar Generator For

In 2021, the global solar generator market size was accounted at USD 478.1 million and by the year 2030 is expected to reach around USD 914.7 million.

That's right, solar generators are selling quickly, and in large numbers too. 

But solar generators can have more applications than simply recharging a laptop or acting as a UPS for your home. 

In this article, we outline 8 things your solar generator can be used for. 

8 Things You Can Use A Solar Generator For

  • Recharging Your Drone
  • Powering Your CPAP
  • Powering A Drill
  • Powering A Hair Dryer
  • Sending Out SOS Signals
  • Powering A Play Station 5
  • Powering Your TV
  • Powering An Electric Heater

Recharging Your Drone

mini 2 drone

All of you who own a drone know that the batteries can take some time to be recharged. They give you about 20 - 30 minutes flight time but take between 60 - 90 minutes to be recharged. 

The DJI Mavic 2 has a 59.29 Wh battery the perfect size for even the smallest capacity Bluetti solar generators to recharge.

If you are looking for a solar generator specifically to charge your drone batteries we recommend taking a look at the new BLUETTI EB3A solar generator

Powering Your CPAP

solar generator for cpap machine

Those of us who suffer from sleep apnea know the struggles that come with powering a CPAP device during a power outage. 

The general fear is that the power cuts at night whilst we are sleeping, rendering many CPAP devices useless. 

Well, a solar generator can power that device during a power outage. 

In fact, our BLUETTI EB70S can power a CPAP machine for approximately 14.49 hours. And this is one of our smaller solar generators, imagine how long a bigger generator could power your CPAP for. 

Powering Your Drill

bluetti ac200p power station charges electricity drill

Power tools use a lot of electricity. In fact, most common masonry drills pull roughly 500 watts or more, with their peak power pulling more than 1000 watts. 

Even though their power requirements are so high you will still be able to power these tools using a solar generator. With that being said it is still unlikely you will use a solar generator to power this tool it is still pretty cool knowing you could if you chose to. 

However, you would need one of our larger generators to perform this task. 

Our AC200P could in fact power a masonry drill for 3.24 hours. So if you had some very important drilling work to do during a power outage, well you could continue on with the task. 

Powering A Hair Dryer

bluetti power station charge hair drier

Believe it or not, but hair dryers use even more electricity than drills! Hard to believe right? 

In fact they can use between 800 and 1800 watts depending on how old your model is. 

With that being said, a BLUETTI solar generator can still power it! We would recommend our AC300 + B300 battery for this task though. With this solar generator you could power a hair dryer for 1.38 hours (this is assuming your hair dryer pulls 1800 watts, most new models will pull much less than this though).

Sending Out SOS Signals


charge to send sos signals

Most people don't know this, but BLUETTI solar generators come with built in emergency lights that can serve you with two functions. 

1. They can be used as a light source if your home is left in the dark due to a power outage. 2. They have a SOS mode whereby they send out SOS signals when activated. This could come in handy if you found yourself in the aftermath of a hurricane.  

Powering A Play Station 5

play station 5

This goes out to all the gamers out there. Especially those of you who live in countries that happen to initiate load shedding on a regular basis. 

Ever found yourself in the middle of a fight scene in The Last Of Us 2, then out of nowhere, darkness, followed by silence. Yes, the power was just cut. 

Well, a BLUETTI solar generator is capable of powering your Playstation 5 and your TV for that matter!

A PS5 uses roughly 201 watts of electricity, let's assume your TV pulls 60 watts. Combined that is 261 watts. 

The AC200 MAX would be capable of powering both your TV and PS5 for 6.3 hours! 

Powering Your TV

bluetti power station charge tv

We already mentioned that a solar generator is capable of powering both your TV and your PS5 so of course, when it comes to powering your TV alone, it would be possible. 

Expect, it'll be able to power it for much longer. Let's use the same AC200 MAX for example. This solar generator would power a 60 watt TV for 27.64 hours. Could luck watching TV for that long!

Powering An Electric Heater

Powering An Electric Heater

Yes, by now you have likely realised that with a BLUETTI solar generator, powering anything is possible. Not to toot our own horns or anything, we are just pretty proud of our cutting edge technology!

Last on our list is an electric heater. Most space heaters use on average 1,500 Watts of electricity. Yes, it is quite a lot. 

For this appliance we recommend using either our AC300 + B300 battery or the EP500 Pro.

Remember the AC300 is modular, so you can connect many batteries to it. However, just one battery would allow your to power an electric heater for 1.65 hours.

However, our EP500 Pro would power your electric heater for 2,75 hours.

Final Thoughts

That's it for now, these are 8 things you can power with a solar generator. Keep in mind though, that there are many more appliances you could power, but we aimed at keeping our list short and sweet!