Reliable Camping Power Banks(2021)

Just because you wanna enjoy the outdoor camping experience doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort.

And now thanks to camping power banks you can make use of your tech, lights, mini-fridge, fan... and enjoy your camping experience without worrying about running out of power.

It’s an amazing portable compact power source, which means you can look up your next destination on maps, check the weather, and take pictures on your phone for memories. You don’t want your phone dying while you’re looking at your GPS.

It’s perfect for the people that love camping but also can’t afford to stay away from their electronics (yes we exist!)

AC200MAX: All-round Upgraded

Going on a camping trip and need a portable power bank that you can rely on? No problem! You know you’ll never run out of things and activities to do with the new AC200 MAX from BLUETTI, their expandable power station is a reliable power source to back you up.


It’s the perfect addition to preparing you for the winter season, if you’re at home or rocking the van or camping life, it will be there for you and will keep you covered. A

heavy-duty but yet flexible alternative if you’re going off the grid, it also supports expandable battery modules to cover all your home’s essential needs, or if you’re on the go for days!

It might look a bit identical to the AC200P, but the new changes and improvements make it way more powerful. With its built-in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery capacity of 2048Wh, the BLUETTI AC200 MAX can provide up to 2200W of continuous output, that’s 200 watts higher than the previous model.

Its battery storage can be expandable with 2 battery modules, using either the BLUETTI B230 or B300, it can go up to 6,144Wh with two B230 units or 8,192Wh with two B300 units, which will keep you covered for more than a week. Now isn’t that just amazing! 

AC200MAX camping power bank comes with a 100W PD3.0 USB-C port, an upgraded MPPT controller that handles up to 900W of solar input, and a built-in 30A NEMA TT-30 outlet designed especially for the RV crowds.

And it’s not just that, in addition to its touchscreen display, the BLUETTI AC200MAX supports Bluetooth and mobile connectivity where it can be controlled to monitor charge and manage power distribution remotely.

It’s the perfect large power bank for your camping trip outdoors, but what can you power with a Bluetti large power bank? It can power your camping equipment from garden electric tools such as blowers, lawnmowers, electric drills, electric saws to BBQ grills, LED lights, etc.

It’s capable of charging USB-dependent electronics and can recharge anything from a phone to an electric car!

B300: Extra Battery

What’s better than having battery storage on a camping trip? More additional storage! Something that you can rely on and will keep you connected and covered for days without worrying about running out of power.


Features with a 100W USB-C, a 12V/10A car output, and USB-A ports, you can use the B300 as a compact and highly portable power station, It has a smart MPPT inside it that gives you many flexible charging ways, you can recharge it quickly through solar power, wall socket, or car charging and lead-acid battery through D050S. 

It equips a 3072Wh LifePO4 battery pack and can handle 100W input from solar panels and has a maximum AC input capacity of 500W.

With a size of 20.5 x 10.4 x 12.6 in and it weighs 74 lbs which makes it a perfectly reliable way if you’re going off-grid.

Does the battery capacity matter when choosing a portable power bank for camping?

If you’re going camping or going for other off-grid fun activities, large portable power banks can be a game-changer, seriously!

We all know how hard it is to use power while you’re in the wild, but these batteries make it way easier. It really depends on what appliances and devices you want to power, let’s be a bit realistic, the power you’ll need to charge your phone and laptop isn’t gonna be the same for your fridge, microwave, and air conditioner. The more battery capacity you have, the better your experience will be!

So, does the battery capacity really matter? Yes! The capacity of a portable power bank for camping matters the most if you’re going for days with multiple devices that need to be powered.

Having a reliable power source is very important, something that can support your

long-distance traveling and keep your devices connected so you never miss out, something suitable for keeping most devices running all day (or all night)

And if you’re a camper, traveler, or rocking that van life, it’s ideal for you if you don’t wanna have to sacrifice that home comfort.

How to use your power bank, let’s get started!

Running out of power during a camping trip where you can’t afford to be offline isn’t the best feeling, thankfully portable power banks for camping are here to keep us connected, they're easily rechargeable and come in handy whenever you need them, and for whatever device you want to power.

To get started, make sure your large power bank is sufficiently charged, check to see if there’s enough power to cover all your devices.

Then connect your device with the power bank using the right cable, don’t get confused! You can always go back to the user manual for a guide and to check how your power bank works.

Make sure you’re not overcharging.

Don’t put anything on top of your power bank, avoid overheating and wet places.

Most large power banks already come with the adapters you’ll need for charging and a guide.

If you take a close look at the power station, you’ll notice lots of buttons, output, and input ports, but don’t worry! Each one has its specific appliance that you’ll find easily explained in the user manual you get.

How to charge your large power bank for camping?

One of the key characteristics you should be looking for before choosing a large power bank for your camping trip is how you can recharge it.

Can it only be recharged from a standard power supply? Or does it also support being charged from a car or solar panel?

Let’s take for example the Bluetti AC200max, with its many flexible charging ways, it’s very easy to charge depending on your power supply. Its flexibility makes it vital to anyone considering a large power bank for camping. Just charge your battery and the power will be distributed when needed.

So how can you charge it? If you’re home, the AC wall outlet is a great power supply, you just need to turn your power bank on and connect the adapter to the wall outlet.

And of course, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a standard power supply, it can also be charged from a solar panel input with a solar charging cable, or with a car using the car charging cable.

The portable power banks for camping can be charged from a generator (gasoline, propane, or diesel), with connecting the AC adapter input to the generator and the output port to the AC charging port of the machine. Another alternative to charging your large power bank would be Lead-acid battery charging and Dual charging.

If you will be camping in the wild, it’s important to consider a power station that can be recharged using a solar panel, If you are traveling in a car, then a power bank that can be recharged using a carport is gonna be what you need to not go completely off-grid especially if you’ll be on the wild for days or even weeks.


1. How do you get power when camping?

It’s important to have a camping power bank that’s flexible when it comes to getting it recharged, when camping you can get power from solar panels, generators, or wind-powered gadgets.

2. What devices can be powered on power banks?

From your smartphone, laptop, Television, to your mini-fridge, fan.., most power banks come with multiple outlets that can allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time with the right capacity that will support it.

3. How to maintain power banks?

To maintain your large power bank for camping, make sure it’s always fully charged so you can use it when you need it, make sure you read the user manual in case you have any questions or issues, and check how to clean it, keep your power bank in a good condition away from dust, water and heat to avoid your product getting damaged.


When choosing a large power bank, there is a lot to consider, the choices are endless and vary from person to person. Depending on your power needs, devices and preferences. But we can all agree that it’s well worth the investment if you’re planning on being off-grid for an extended period of time.

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