BLUETTI PV350 Solar Panel | 350W

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  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Easy Setup & Kisckstand Included
  • Durable & Splash-Proof
  • Compatible With BLUETTI AC200P/AC200MAX/AC300/EB150/EB240/EB500
  • Foldable & Portable

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Off-Grid Power Supply

By generating renewable electricity from the sun's energy, BLUETTI PV350 solar panel is a reliable and budget-friendly power supplier to juice up your laptop, drone, fridge, electric drill, and other devices whether your're at home or on the go.
bluetti off-grid power supply

Foldable & Portable

How big is BLUETTI PV350 350w solar panel? With a folded size of 35.6*24.1*2.5(folded) inches and 30.61lbs of weight, the BLUETTI PV350 is convenient to carry around and easy to be set up for anyone anywhere.
foldable and portable 350w solar panel

Durable & Splash-Proof

It's made of advanced laminated technology and long-lasting ETFE material on the surface, making this 350w solar panel more durable, better light transmittance,cratch-resistant and easy to clean by wet cloth. It is IP65 water-resistant that will protect from water splashing (Do not place it under the rain, or to soak in water).
durable and splash-proof 350 watt solar panel

23.4% Conversion Rate

BLUETTI PV350 is built with a 350-Watt monocrystalline solar panel to guarantee a high conversion efficiency up to 23.4%. With excellent 95% transparency, this bluetti 350 watt solar panel performs better than the polycrystalline solar panels in low-light conditions. It comes with 4 fixed stands that ensure direct sunlight onto the panel to maximize panel utilization.
high efficiency solar panels

Wide Compatibility

Equipped with the MC4 connector, BLUETTI PV350 solar panel is highly compatible with most solar generators on the market, especially works well with BLUETTI AC200P/AC200MAX/AC300/AC300/EP500/EP500PRO/EB240/EB150 power station.
highly compatible bluetti pv350 solar panel

Never Run Out of Power

Suitable for various occasions

  • bluetti life bluetti life

  • bluetti life bluetti life

    Camping with lots of electronic gear.

  • bluetti life bluetti life

  • bluetti life

    Camping with lots of electronic gear.

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Peak Power:


Cell Efficiency:
Up to 23.4%

Max. Power Voltage (Vmp):

Current at Max Power (Imp):

Open Circuit Voltage (voc):

Short Circuit Current (Isc):

Operating Temperature:

Best Working Tmeperature:

Folding Number:



Dimension (Unfolded):

Dimension (folded):

24 Months

In The Box

User Manual

BLUETTI PV350 Solar Panel | 350W User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Large, Powerful Panels work very well

I got two of these panels for my EP500, and they work very well: On a sunny afternoon, I got about 310+ watts (sometimes as high as 320 watts) from each of the panels. (Up to 720-740 watts total.) This is around 85-90% of the rated capacity, which is more than I had expected.

The panels are fairly large, so it does take a bit more effort to set up and carry than for a smaller panel. However, the integrated handle makes them fairly easy to carry-- even one in each hand isn't too bad. The integrated legs make it fairly quick to set up and point towards the sun. Overall, setup was probably a bit easier than I had expected.

So far, I'm very happy with these panels, and would recommend them to others.

Awesome Awesome Panels

Just received my order of 3 350 solar panels. I was a little nervous since these were new series for Bluetti, sometimes glitches can occur. I took 2 of the panels and set them up to my Bluetti 200 max. I only got 8-9 watts input! I was concerned there was an issue with the panels. Was not looking forward to returning to Bluetti. I did some trouble shooting and found out the panels were fine, my problem was not going into setting and set up for pv solar connection BEFORE you plug in the solar connector to the Bluetti VOILA I checked the input and I was getting 585 watts input!!! into the Bluetti. Taking into account 20% loss I was extremely happy with the results. It charged up my solar generator from 55% to 100% in about 2.5 hours. The 3 panels connected would have given me close to the 900 watt max for solar the Bluetti max allows. I am extremely happy with my purchase. A little expensive but you know what they say " You get what you pay for." We have 2 Bluetti 200 Max solar generators and 1 B200 battery. all working flawlessly. I tested the 200 Max with a full size refrigerator and it ran continuously for 0ver 18 hours and still had 29% available charge. Amazing. I live in Florida so come on Hurricane's We are ready for you.

Finally a 350w panel

I bought 3 of these panels and the quality is exceptional especially compared to the SP versions which don't do as well in the shade. They are a little heavy but not cumbersome.

Very well made, good quality, and design

Great build quality, charges my B300 at a good speed. Angle of sun is important though. Gathered energy even on cloudy days, handy size. I recommended this panel

The stands on the back of panels are sturdy and the MC4 connecters and cable are long and heavy duty. Bluetti has made a great product that's worth the money.

This panel produces the rated power when connected to AC300

I bought this panel to use with the AC300. Today, March 26th, 2022, the panel was producing 340-360 watts in full sun in mid-Colorado between 1-2PM. I saw one spike up to 393 watts, and several in the 370-380 watt range. Wattage was reported by the AC300. Shading and cloud cover does affect the panel, but not greatly. Under full cloud cover, the panel was making between 42-55 watts. This is the first panel I've used that doesn't produce significantly less than the rated power under full sun. Very impressed so far.