Why Is My Electric Bill So High? (10 Possible Reasons)

why is my electric bill so high

Have you ever wondered why is my electric bill so high despite best efforts? 

If this sounds like you, don't worry, you are not alone. In fact, millions of people across the world feel the same as you. 

In this article we aim to dissect exactly why your electric bill could be high, and how you can reduce your consumption to save on your electric bill. 

10 Reasons Why Is My Electric Bill So High

In this section we will go over possible causes for high electric bill, we will then go on to recommend what we think is the best solution to lowering your electric bill

#1 AC is on while windows are open

Studies show that cooling and heating are responsible for about 46% of your energy bill. Therefore by keeping windows open while you run the AC is like throwing money out the window, and a lot of it. 

If you want to run the AC, make sure to keep the windows closed, and vice versa if you would like to open the windows. 

#2 Poor home insulation 

Again, this leads us back to heating and cooling being the biggest energy vampires in your home. If your home has poor insulation, all that generated heat or cooling is simply finding escape routes to the outside. 

This means your AC has to work double time to keep your home at your desired temperature. One of the smartest things you can do is invest in proper insulation for your home. Look into the term - Passive House. 

#3 Inefficient lighting

If your home still uses incandescent light bulbs, and you also don't want high electric bill, exchange them for LEDs immediately!

1 Incandescent light bulb can consume 100 watts of power in comparison to an LED consuming around 20 watts. This means you could run 5 LED lights for the equivalent of 1 incandescent, this ones a no brainer folks. 

Not only that, but LEDs last much longer and are usually very well priced, make the switch to LEDs as soon as possible.

Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb in 1879, that's 142 years ago. Although his invention revolutionized the world, we think it's time you accept new, greener technology into your home ;) 

#4 Old outdated appliances 

why is my power bill so high

Many homes still house old outdated appliances. Outdated appliances have tremendous energy consumption needs. They are extremely inefficient. Most modern appliances have efficient circuitry and thus consume much less than their older cousins.

If you still own that super old oven, we urge you to get it recycled and upgrade to a more efficient oven that will lower your electric bills each month. 

#5 Extreme weather

Sometimes high electricity bills are out of your hands. Extremely cold or hot weather can force you to once again use that major energy consumer, heating and cooling. 

If this is the case, you can definitely expect your electric bills to be higher than the average household. We urge you to look into green technology, such as solar thermal to reduce your heating costs. And yes, solar thermal can work in winter!

#6 Devices still connected to electricity outlets

Even when devices are turned off, they still leach small amounts of energy from the electrical grid. Think about the ovens and washing machines that constantly stay connected (all though turned off). 

It may be worth disconnecting your appliances entirely as to make sure they do not leach any more electricity than necessary. 

#7 Over charging your devices 

Are you one of those people who leave their phones or laptops charging over night? If so, stop! 

Just because a device is fully charged doesn't mean it will not continue to consume electricity. Make sure to unplug your devices before heading to bed. 

#8 Running appliances at 50% capacity

high electric bill

Things like washing machines and dishwashers are fantastic inventions and certainly lead to a more comfortable lifestyle. 

However, they consume a lot of electricity, sometimes the most out of your entire household. Therefore, it stands to reason that these appliances are filled to capacity before using. This will reduce the total amount of times you need to use them, and thus reducing your electricity consumption. 

#9 Ceiling lights running overtime

Hopefully by now you've already considered or even made the switch to LED lighting, but even so, make sure you don't forget to turn them off when you are not using them. 

So many people forget to turn the lights off after leaving the house. Imagine, your lights continuously running, consuming energy and absolutely no one is in the house to actually use this extra light. 

Such a waste, and now doubt a culprit for a higher electricity bill!

#10 Peak time energy use

Just like you pay more for a holiday during peak summer season, you may pay more for electricity during the most popular energy use times. 

Energy rates tend to fluctuate throughout the day based on energy demands. 

As most people work a 9 - 5 job, you can expect energy rates to be at their highest first thing in the morning and once again back in the late afternoon once people return home after work. 

Avoid consuming energy during these times to capitalise on cheaper energy rates. 

How to Reduce My High Electric Bill?

One of the smartest things you can do in todays age is investing in green technology, such as solar. 

If your home is located in a somewhat sunny area, chances are you will benefit majorly from a solar installation. 

Remember all those appliances that we spoke of throughout this article? 

Well, imagine if they all consumed energy that you yourself generated. What if they relied on energy that never came from the grid to begin with, well this would mean that you could dictate the cost. And usually this cost is simply the initial installation, after that you can expect to make back your money within 3 - 7 years and then effectively enjoy free electricity for the next 2 decades. 

We urge you to look into solar solutions to replace your reliance on the grid. 

To begin with, do yourself a favour and look into grid-tied solar systems for your home. It is very likely to solve why is my electric bill so high.



1. Why is my electric bill all of a sudden so high?

The number one reason to make you ask why is my electric bill so high all of a sudden is the meter being misread. This is a common occurrence when the meter reader can not gain access to the meter for whatever reason and they just estimate is off previous usage.

2. What costs the most on your electric bill?
High Electricity Bills? These Appliances Cost the Most Money to Run

Appliance Typical Consumption Per Hour Cost Per Hour (at 10 cents per kilowatt-hour)
Central air conditioner/heat pump 15,000 watts $1.50
Clothes dryer/water heater 4,000 watts  40 cents
Water pump    3,000 watts  30 cents
Space heater  1,500 watts  15 cents

3. Does unplugging save electricity?
The unnecessary energy consumed by the average staff's desktop equipment turned off but left plugged in to an outlet can be significant. ... By unplugging personal desktop equipment for the hours you're away from work, in one year you can save more energy than required to light a basketball game at UBC Okanagan.