What Size Generator to Run a 1,500 Sq Ft House?

When buying a generator for your 1,500 sq ft house, you want to buy one that can meet all your electricity needs. It is for this reason that you need to consider the size generator. Size generator is the power output it can offer you. So, what size should you choose for a 1,500 square foot house? Let’s find out.

What Size Generator Do I Need to Run a 1,500 Sq Ft House?

bluetti solar generator

The perfect sizing of the generator depends on the number of appliances it will be powering. You should also consider the starting and running wattage of the appliances. The more the demand the larger the generator you’ll need for your house. Also choose the capacity based on the type of generator you choose.

Starting or surge wattage is the amount of power an appliance needs at an instant. For example, when your air conditioner starts, it might need 8,000W. Starting wattage is higher than running wattage. 

Speaking of running wattage, it is the power the generator produces to run your appliances normally. Smaller generators have a rating of 2,000 to 3,000W while larger units produce more than 10,000W. 

To determine the sizing of a generator, you need to calculate the energy needs of your 1,500 sq ft house. 

First, list all the appliances the generator will be powering. If you are buying one for the entire house, list all the appliances. From the lighting system and AC to the refrigerator.

Second, calculate the total power requirements of the appliances. Here, you need to consider the starting and running watts. As mentioned, starting watt is the wattage needed to start most large appliances while running is the amount of energy an appliance needs to run normally. 

If the ratings are in Amps, you’ll have to convert them into watts (W). you can use the following formula:

Watts (W) = Ampere (A) x Volts (V)

So, if an appliance is rated 20 amps and 120 volts, its watts rating will be:

20A x 120V = 2400W 

When choosing a generator, consider the starting and running watts. For example, a side-by-side refrigerator has 800 starting watts and 720 running watts. In this case, a portable generator with 2,000 starting watts would power the unit seamlessly.

Finally, choose a generator that is slightly bigger than your needs. It is wiser to have a generator that produces an extra hundred watts than to have one that runs at full capacity and shuts off suddenly.

Besides, running a generator at full load can reduce its lifespan significantly and may produce more noise.

Suitable Size Generator for a 1,500 Sq Ft House

There are different types of generators you can use in your house. They include: inverter, portable, and standby.

Inverter Generators for 1,500 Square Foot House

Inverter generators are ideal for 1,500 sq ft houses as they produce ample power to run most small to large appliances. A 2 to 7kW typical inverter generator can run most of your appliances, ranging from small to large. 

Inverter generators are also fuel-sufficient, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to foot fuel bills. Furthermore, they are more silent than standby units and require minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, they have less power output.

Standby Generators for 1,500 Square Foot House

A 7 to 15kW standby generator is just enough for a 1,500 sq ft house. They are in fact the most efficient backup generators in case of power outages. However, if you have many larger appliances, running a 15 to 17kW standby generator is the perfect bet.

Portable Solar Generators for 1,500 Square Foot House

A 3 to 8kW portable generator would provide adequate energy to power such a house. With it, you can power your TV, cell phone chargers, LED bulbs, microwave, coffee maker, and more. 

The chief benefit of portable generators is that you can install them anywhere you want. And they don’t require much floor space to operate efficiently. 

Estimated Generator Size Type:

Generator Type

Ideal Size Range for 1500 Sq Ft House

Inverter Generator

2 – 7 kW 

Standby Generator

7 – 15 kW

Solar Generator 

3 – 8 kW

Note: The values provided are general recommendations, and actual sizing may vary based on specific energy needs, geographical location, and other factors. It is advisable to consult with us to determine the most suitable generator size for your individual requirements.

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How Big of a Battery Backup Do I Need for My House?

3 Portable Solar Generators for Your House

BLUETTI AC500 + B300S | Home Battery Backup

bluetti ac500

This model comes with 5,000W rated power and 10,000W starting capacity. This means you can run large appliances such as refrigerators and ACs without overloading them. And since its rated power is 5000W, you can connect your lighting system and other critical electronics. The best part is that you can expand it to 18,432Wh for more power output.

As mentioned, portable generators are lightweight and this model is no different. With a 30kg weight, it is easy to transport it between rooms. And with a compact design, fitting it in tight places is seamless. The presence of an app allows you to control it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can also change its setting via the app or the LED display.

BLUETTI 2*AC300 + 2*B300 + 1*P030A | Home Battery Backup

bluetti ac300

This is yet another ideal option for your home. With a 3,072Wh capacity expandable to 12,288Wh, it is a generator that will power your vital appliances seamlessly. The 6,000W surge capacity ensures refrigerators and AC systems can start without overloading the system.

It provides you 7 ways to recharge, ranging from generator lead-acid battery, solar, and AC. The numerous ports ensure you can connect just about any appliance. So if you are looking for a 1,500 sq ft house generator, consider buying this model.

BLUETTI EP500 Solar Power Station | 2,000W 5,100Wh

bluetti ep500

If your main aim is to run the most essential appliances, this is quite the generator for you. Coming with rubberized wheels, transporting it between rooms is a walk in the park. The 5100Wh capacity will power your kitchen appliances, TVs, laptops, and more. 

With numerous ways to recharge it, you’ll never lack power in case of power outages. Thanks to its large storage, you can sell electricity to the grid if your state has net metering. Whether you want to control it via the app or touchscreen, this model got you covered.

What to consider when buying a generator for a 1,500 sq ft house?

Power ratings

Your desired generator should have sufficient power ratings. The starting and running watts should be adequate to power small and large appliances. You can list all the appliances you’ll be running and then sum up the wattage. You can then choose a generator that has a slightly higher power rating.


You don’t want to buy a generator that will break down after a few years of use. Likewise, you don’t want to go for one that will see you break the bank to foot the fuel bill. If possible, buy generators from reputable brands such as BLUETTI as they are of high quality. Make sure the generator runs for at least 7 hours.

Fuel options

If you’re not using a portable option, you’ll need to choose one whose fuel is readily available and cheap. The generator should also be compatible with different fuel types. Having a dual-fuel or a tri-fuel unit is an ideal option. It means if you run out of gasoline, you can still use natural gas.


Larger fuel-powered generators produce excess noise that can irritate your family and neighbors. Luckily, portable generators are extremely quiet. But if you buy a conventional generator, the noise levels shouldn’t exceed 65dB. 

Portability and mobility

A generator for your 1,500 sq ft house should be easy to carry around. Better yet, you should easily use it for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and backyard parties. If possible, buy one with rubberized wheels.


Selecting a generator for your home is not just about meeting power requirements; it is equally crucial to prioritize safety considerations. A safe generator not only protects your household from potential hazards but also ensures the longevity and reliability of your electrical systems. 

Why is it important to get the right generator for your 1,500 sq ft house?

A perfect size generator for your 1,500-square-foot house will ensure you get backup power in case of a power outage. It will not run at full capacity but will provide you extra hundreds of watts. This is crucial as running a generator at full capacity can cause overheating, damage, and reduced lifespan. 


How Many Kw for My 1,500 Sq Ft House?

Well, this will depend on the appliances in your house. The more appliances you have the higher the rating. As mentioned, a 3-8kW portable solar generator will provide adequate power for your appliances. A 7-15kW standby generator would also be ideal.

What Is the Price Tag of a 1,500 Sq Ft House Generator?

The price is different among brands. But it generally ranges between $1,000 and $4,000

How Long Should a 1,500 Sq Ft House Generator Run?

The rule of thumb is that the generator should run between 7 and 10 hours. 7 hours when the load is at 100% and 10 hours when the load is between 50% and 60%.

Final thoughts

Buying the right size generator for your 1,500 sq ft house requires you to list all your appliances and calculate the total wattage. Make sure to buy one that is slightly larger than your needs. This way, it will not run on maximum load.