What Is The Best Solar Generator For Home Use?

best solar generator for your home

Nomophobia is the fear of power outages, particularly during the night. Why do people begin to panic at the possibility of the electricity going out?

Without electricity, basic human needs cannot be met. To name a few, things such as heating your home during winter or cooking your food on appliances such as a stove or microwave.

Even less essential needs can bring about panic, such as no WIFI or the ability to charge your cellphone when its battery is low.

At first glance, these points may seem trivial, and they would should the electricity only go out for an hour or two.

However, what if they lasted longer than that, days or weeks? How would you feel then?

In February 2021, officials at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), showed the electrical grid was just 4 minutes and 37 seconds away from a series of events that could have left the state of Texas without electricity for weeks.

That would have been 29.53 million people left in the dark during winter.

With events like these in mind, it is no wonder some homeowners are looking for alternative means of electricity supply should the utility fail for any reason.

But picking the best solar generator for your home can take time and effort.

How To Choose A Home Solar Generator?

solar generator for your home

The most critical factors you will need to consider when choosing a solar generator for your home are power rating and energy capacity. 

Solar generators are rated based on their power rating and energy capacity. 

The power rating will determine what appliances you can power, and the energy capacity will determine how long you can power those appliances. 

In other words, the solar generator you choose will be based on what appliances you want to power and for how long. 

If you want a solar generator to provide your entire home with electricity during a power outage, you will naturally need quite a large generator. 

Most homes tend to only use vital appliances during a power outage. Reducing your energy consumption means your solar generator will last you longer.

The best way to help you decide how much energy capacity you'll need is to make a list of all the home appliances you'd like powered during an outage. 

Additionally, you'll want to jot down their power rating and how long you want them powered for. 

See an example below:

Appliance Power rating  Run Time Energy Used
Electric Grill 700 W 2 1400 Wh
X10 LED Lights 50 W 5 250 Wh
Refrigerator 250 W 2 500 Wh
Water Heater  1125 W 1 1125 Wh
Heat Pump 1500 W 1 1500 Wh
3,635 W N/A 4,775 Wh


(Please note that to calculate the energy used, all you need to do is multiply the power rating by the run time.)

As you can see from the table we created above we use roughly 4,775 Wh a day in an emergency scenario. Additionally if we were wanting to power all our appliances simultaneously we would need a solar generator with a power rating over 3652 watts. 

Best Solar Generator For Your Home

solar generators for sustainable power

In our opinion the best solar generator for your home would be one with tremendous energy storage capabilities alongside a high power rating. 

Let's consider the table we made above. We could in theory get ourselves a 4800 Wh solar generator rated at 4000 W and we would be good to go. But what if the power stayed off for more than one day? We would have no autonomy in this case.

For those looking for a backup power supply for their home in the event of utility grid failure, we always recommend sizing your generator for a few days of autonomy.

With this in mind, the best BLUETTI solar generator for your home would be the AC500

This solar generator is modular, meaning you can expand its energy capacity as you see fit. 

Model B300S  Energy Capacity
AC500 x1 3,072 Wh
x2 6,114 Wh
x3 9,216 Wh
x4 12,288 Wh
x5 15,360 Wh
AC500 x6 18,432 Wh


What's more you are also capable of pairing two AC500's together. In doing this it will be bale to support up to 12 B300S battery modules, bringing your total energy capacity up to 36,866 WH or 36 kWh. 

If your home consumed 4,000 Wh (4 kWh) per day during a power outage an AC500 + x6 B300S would allow you 4.6 days of autonomy. 

Likewise if you had x2 AC500 + x12 B300S you would get 9 days of autonomy. 

Now imagine you could lower your energy consumption to 3 kWh per day. 

That would allow you 12 days of autonomy. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this article shed some light on the best solar generator for your home during a power outage. In our opinion, no solar generator on the market comes close to our newly released AC500 + B300S battery modules

If it is energy capacity/power rating you are after, then the AC500 is your best bet!