BLUETTI AC300 & B300

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BLUETTI AC300 & B300 ModuIar Power System

ReliabIe power for home backup and off-grid life

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Extreme weather and an aging power grid result in frequent power outages across the U.S. each year. Equipping your home with a BLUETTI solar generator will have you prepared - without increasing your carbon footprint.

Unlike most conventional fuel or gas generators, solar generators have no moving parts and do not use liquid fuel, allowing hassle-free maintenance.

Harness the sun's abundant and free energy with solar generators and solar panels - typically lasting 25 to 30 years, you can get rid of costly fossil fuels with ease.

Insider Hands - on Reviews

HOBOTECH - 186k subscribers

"Feature fully modular interchangeable batteries, support for up to 2400 watts of solar panels, 3,000 watts of AC wall charging, split phase 240 volt operation and the ability to scale up to an incredible 24000-watt hours. It just happens to have a programmable true UPS built-in and app support that will let you control it from anywhere in the world."

Projects With Everyday Dave - 40.08k subscribers

"It's the elegant approach to the separation of the batteries and the inverter Electronics with the capability of each one of the batteries being its own power station that really wins me over I have to say of all the power stations I've tested this is my new favourite."

Jasonoid - Solar Power, Batteries, and More! - 51.4k subscribers

"It's one of the best solutions that are currently available. This offers LiFePO4 so you can get 3,500 life cycles and only use the top 20 percent of the life of the battery. Now this power station offers four expandable batteries so if you have all four of them you can get 12 kilowatt hours of capacity which is absolutely crazy."

Empower Every Scenario, for Every Need

Home Backup

RV Trips

Professional Use


Refrigerator (200w)

15 Hours

Microwave (1000W)

4 Hours

Light (20w)

150 Hours

Water Heater (3400w)

1 Hours

Phone Drill (20W)

150 Hours

Corded Mower (1000W)

3 Hours

Electric Burner (2000w)

1.5 Hours

Electric Drill (800w)

3.5 Hours

Corded Mower (1500W)

2 Hours

Electric Chainsaw (2400w)

1.2 Hours

Portable Fridge (100w)

3.5 Hours

Electric Grill (1500W)

2 Hours

Speaker (30w)

100 Hours

Split-Phase Function Superpower for Heavy-duty Work

Combine 2 AC300 units in parallel to reach a whopping 6,000W output,up to 25kWh capacity,and 240V voltage,effortless to power your energy-intensive appliances-heaters, heat pumps,air conditioners,etc.


Voltage Options

Max. 6,000W


Max. 24.5kwh


Peak-Load Shifting
Smart Energy Savings

Charge the AC300 with free solar energy or low-cost grid power during off-peak hours and discharge during peak hours, significantly reducing your monthly energy bills.

Seamless UPS Instant Power Protection

Whenever there is a power outage, the UPS guarantees uninterrupted power within 20ms to keep your essentials running without a hitch.

Charge Your Power, Your Way

From the Wall

From the Sun & Wal

From Dual AC

From the Sun

The 30A AC charging cable allows a maximum input of 3,000W, fully refilling AC300 + B300 in just 1.5 hours.

Plug in the adapter and solar panels for up to 3,000W input, so you can also top up the AC300 + B300 for about 1.5 hours.

With an extra T500*, AC300 + B300 is capable of 2,300W input, reaching 100% capacity in just 1.8 hours. * Sold separately.

AC300 + B300 supports up to 2,400W solar* input, meaning that you can replenish this combo in 1.8-2.3 hours.* D300S is required for roof panel charging.

Power in hand-APP control




input and output


power consumption


firmware upgrade


UPS mode


AC300 + B300

3,000W | 3,072Wh | Home Battery Backup

From US$1,999 US$3,299
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AC300 + 2*B300

3,000W | 6,144Wh | Home Battery Backup

From US$3,499 US$5,298
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3000W | 12288Wh | Home Battery Backup

US$7,996 US$9,296
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2200W | 5120Wh | Home Battery Backup

US$3,198 US$3,698
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