Portable Solar Generators: Equipping Your Kiosk at an Outdoor Science Exhibition

Science fairs and exhibitions can be a great way for kids and families to learn about the world around them. They spark interest and curiosity with the goal of providing the opportunity for young minds to be challenged, ask tough questions, and for enlightening results to be revealed.

However, running a science fair or exhibition requires a lot of preparation which many educators and organizers are unprepared for. If you have ever managed a fair or stall, you know the challenges that can arise, one of which involves setting up a reliable power supply.

Some might stick with their electricity supplier, but this can get expensive in the long run if you frequently participate in science exhibitions. However, if you have a little cash to burn and the exhibition is outdoors, why not invest in portable solar generators? These generators allow you to recharge your devices and give your outdoor mobile kiosk a much-needed power boost.

Keep reading to discover how this tech can help you save money at your next outdoor science exhibition.

What Benefits Can Portable Solar Generators Offer for a Science Exhibition?

Portable solar generators are the best option for outdoor kiosks at science exhibitions. Here are a few benefits that you should know about:


The portability of portable solar generators makes them ideal for use at science exhibitions, fairs, and other outdoor events. They can be easily transported to different locations and set up in minutes without the need for heavy equipment or electricity. This is especially useful if you plan on taking your kiosk to multiple locations during the exhibition.

No Emissions

Portable solar generators do not emit harmful pollutants into the air, making them a greener alternative to traditional generators. They also do not produce noise pollution, which can be particularly beneficial for indoor exhibitions with high noise levels.


While it may seem an expensive option to invest in solar generators initially, they save money in the long run by eliminating the need for expensive electricity bills. The energy generated by the portable solar generators is enough to power lighting, sound systems, and other electronic devices within your solar-powered kiosk. This means you will no longer have to rely on power outlets or generators to operate your equipment during outdoor exhibitions.


Touching the portable solar generators is much safer than using heavy electrical equipment in the same area because there is no risk of electrocution if you come in contact with them. They also do not require any wiring or connection to another source of electricity to work, so they are much safer for use around children who may not understand the dangers involved with other forms of power generation.

Visitor Attraction

One of the enormous benefits of using solar generators is that they are an attractive addition to your kiosk. People are naturally drawn to anything green, so having a solar generator will make people more likely to visit your booth or stand. This could lead to increased brand awareness and footfall for your business.

Skills Development

Portable solar generators also have the potential to improve participants' skills and knowledge. They can be an educational tool for other kiosk owners and visitors alike, encouraging them to learn about renewable energy sources and their potential environmental benefits.

How to Set Up Your Interactive Kiosk for an Outdoor Exhibition with Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar generators have been helping outdoor kiosk owners power up their booths and displays for a while now. Nowadays, it is easier than ever before to power your display using solar energy.

Here are the steps you need to take when equipping your kiosk at an outdoor science exhibition with portable solar generators:

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Step 1: Determine Your Needs

If you want a portable solar generator, there are a few key factors to look out for. For example, you should decide how much power you need, where you will be using it and how long you want to run it. This will help determine whether or not a portable solar generator is right for you.

If you are using the generator at an event that goes on all day and night, such as an outdoor science exhibition, then you will need more power than if you are only using the generator for a short time, like charging your phone during the day.

Step 2: Set Up Your Kiosk and Portable Solar

Once you know what portable solar generators you need, it is time to purchase them and set up your kiosk. Make sure to check out the warranties on the solar generators you buy. Doing so will help you know how long they will last before needing repairs or maintenance work done.

Step 3: Connect Your Kiosk to the Solar Generators

Once your solar generators are set up, it is time to connect your kiosk to them. This can be done with a standard array of cables and connectors. However, if you are using an off-grid system, then you will need to use a charge controller that converts direct current (DC) from the generator into alternating current (AC) for use in your kiosk.

Step 4: Power Devices on Your Science Exhibition Kiosk

Once your solar generator and battery bank are connected to your kiosk, you can begin powering devices. Here are some examples of what you might want to power with your solar-powered science exhibition kiosk.

Electric Fixtures

Electric fixtures such as lights, fans, and other appliances can also be powered using a portable solar generator. A little bit more sophisticated than just plugging into an outlet, but still easy enough for anyone to use. The main benefit here is that these fixtures will run off the battery bank, so you would not have to worry when the sun goes down.


Power Your Kiosk at the Science Exhibition

Computers are also ubiquitous at exhibitions and educational venues because they allow people to access information about the exhibit or even participate in a survey about what they learned from the exhibition experience. This can be done through a kiosk interface or using computers specifically designed for this purpose. In either case, these computers need electricity to operate correctly, so using a portable solar generator is highly recommended for this application.

Interactive Displays

These are very common in science exhibitions and educational settings. They allow visitors to interact with your exhibit by playing games, watching videos, or learning about different aspects of science or technology through educational videos. All these options require power sources to work correctly so a portable solar generator would be ideal for this application.


Speakers are also essential for science displays, especially when you need to play sounds that will help engage visitors with your display. For example, if you have a dinosaur skeleton replica on display at your solar-powered kiosk, then speakers will allow visitors to hear the sounds dinosaurs made when they walked around in their natural habitat thousands of years ago. Speakers powered with portable solar generators are perfect for this application because they do not need long wires or cables attached, making it easy to set up and move around as needed.

Roving Robots

Roving robots are another common feature at science exhibitions, and they allow visitors to experience the joys and dangers of robotics firsthand by having them control robotic arms, vehicles, or even miniature robots that roam around the exhibit area. Again, these types of applications require power sources, and using a portable solar generator could be a great way to ensure that they always have enough energy supply without having to worry about running out of batteries during peak hours.

Step 5: Use the Extra Outlet to Your Advantage

If you have a spare outlet, you can also power others' kiosks at the outdoor science exhibition and exchange some benefits from those kiosk owners. It is a win-win situation! For example, an exhibitor who wants to sell some science equipment may need to charge one or two daily batteries. If you have a spare outlet, you can power their kiosk for several hours, and then they will pay you back with some money or give you something in return, such as free tickets for their event.

In addition, if there are many people around, your charger will not be empty all day long, and you would like to have more customers at the same time. You can rent out the charging port to those who do not have enough time to wait for their batteries to be fully charged by themselves.

Step 6: Have a Good Time at Your Science Exhibition Kiosk

Now that everything is set up and ready to go, you can enjoy your science exhibition with confidence, knowing that your solar-powered kiosk will stay powered up for however long you need it to.

Invest Now

All in all, portable solar generators are a great investment for temporary kiosks. The generators work as fast as standard electrical outlets and ensure you remain powered at all times. The added benefit of having an environmentally friendly power source means that you would not be adding to your carbon footprint, which will surely delight visitors looking to lower their ecological impact. Well-placed solar generators can make all the difference in any situation requiring constant access to electricity, so they should always be your first consideration when preparing an outdoor solar-powered science exhibition kiosk or similar project.

Our portable solar generators are an excellent investment for educators looking to add renewable energy to their outdoor science exhibitions or field trips. Plus, our generators do not take up much storage space, making it easy to add them to your equipment inventory when needed.

While you could use this article as a guide when it comes to choosing your own portable solar gear to power your kiosk at an outdoor science exhibition, we invite you to contact our customer care team if you need further guidance.

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