Camping Gear That Can Be Powered by Portable Solar Power Systems

When you’re camping off the grid or boondocking with restricted access to grid power, you have a couple of options to keep your vehicle running and gadgets charged. Some options are more convenient and easy to use than others. For instance, you can run your generator or vehicle to generate electricity, you can drive to town to recharge your battery-operated devices at a coffee shop, or you can easily become self-sufficient by investing in a portable solar power system. 

Since camping requires plenty of gear, it only makes sense to use solar energy to power everything from your phone to a fan to an oven. Avoiding gas-powered generators will help you cut down on weight and offer a more reliable source of energy – and of course, you will be doing the environment a favor too! Continue reading this article to learn more about the camping gear you can power on a portable solar power system. 

What Is a Portable Solar Power System?

A portable solar power system is essentially a solar generator that makes use of portable solar panels to charge a battery. The electricity generated can be used to operate or charge other electronic devices through USB ports and standard outlets. 

As global warming and climate change wreaks havoc on Earth, leading to extreme weather, rising temperatures, melting glaciers, and more, we have to search for a sustainable alternative for more aspects of our life, including camping. This encompasses switching to using solar power stations to produce and store green, renewable energy for our backup power requirements. 

A portable solar power station doesn’t just produce renewable and reliable electricity from sunlight but also lowers the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases emitted by traditional energy backup systems. Because of this, manufacturers are trying to enhance solar backup generators and make them more reliable than their fuel or gas-powered counterparts. 

Camping Gear You Can Power Using Portable Solar Power Systems

Camping is the best way to escape the distractions and tribulations of modern life. However, unless you are camping to learn some survival skills, you probably don’t want to go into the wilderness without some basic creature comforts. Suppose your entire goal is to get some much-needed rest. In that case, there is a lot of innovative and modern gear that you can use to make your camping experience more comfortable and safer. 

Spending time out in the wilderness does come with some inherent risks, and you need to be prepared for the conditions that are going to come at you. Depending on how extreme the conditions are, having the right gear can save your life when it comes to an emergency. 

That said, we have prepared a list of some essential camping gear that you can power using a portable solar generator. 

1.     Flashlight

No camping trip is complete without a campfire. However, a campfire can only do so much. At the most basic level, a campfire is not dependable as rain or strong wind can easily blow it out. It’s also stationary, which means you will not be able to use it to move around if you wish to walk around in the dark. Keeping this in mind, we strongly recommend you invest in a top-rated camping lantern for camping adventures that will keep you safe and prove to be easy to recharge. 

2.     Rechargeable Lighter

A rechargeable lighter such as this one by Lafageit helps to ensure that your flame never dies out. Instead of conventional fuels such as butane gas or kerosene oil, this lighter is charged through a USB cable that you can connect with your portable solar power station to produce a spark. It can be lit around 150 to 200 on a full battery charge. 

Since the lighter is waterproof, it can work even when it’s fully submerged. This means you won’t have to worry about dropping it in the lake or getting wet in the rain. 

The light is also made using silicone rubber for additional durability, perfect for stuffing in your bag before your next camping trip. 

3.     Water Kettle

Water is essential for surviving in the wild. However, you cannot trust natural water sources as they might contain nasty bacteria that can make you sick. The simplest way to ensure that water is safe for drinking is to boil it, but that requires starting a fire which isn’t always possible. 

You might also want to drink hot beverages to keep you warm as you are out in the open. Either way, you will need hot water, and a portable electric kettle is the best way to get that. 

You can use this portable electric kettle by Sekaer to boil water whenever you need it. It can get the job done quickly and easily. Note that this kettle isn’t rechargeable. However, you can power it with your portable solar power system by using an AC to USB adapter. 

4.     Portable Shower

Camping is surely one of the best life experiences. However, it can come with numerous hygiene-related problems, especially with several individuals around the same spot. If your campground does not have the facility of a shower, you can get a portable shower to keep yourself clean. 

A lot of portable shower devices have rechargeable batteries that you can easily plug into your portable solar power system through a USB connection. 

5.     Camp Stove

While it’s possible to cook on an open fire, it’s generally a lot more trouble than it’s worth. In addition, campfires are not allowed in several locations, especially west of the Rockies, where there is a perpetual threat of wildfires. This means that you need to carry along a camp stove whenever you go camping. 

The good news is that you can easily use camping solar energy from your portable solar power station to power your stove and cook your meals. 

6.     Mini Fan

You are going to need the sun to run your portable solar power system. However, when the sun shines too brightly, it’s going to heat the campsite and your tent. A mini fan powered by your camping solar panels and solar generator can help mitigate such discomfort. You can easily run a fan using the AC power output, which is around 40W in most solar generators. 

Best Portable Generator for Camping

Benefits of Using Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping

Portable solar power systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst campers and adventure-seekers. Here are some reasons why you should use them the next time you go camping. 

1.     Free Fuel

One of the biggest benefits of portable solar power systems for camping is the money you will be saving on fuel. Using readily available and free energy from the sun effectively eliminates the need to buy gas that’s used to run conventional power generators, which is a huge recurring cost given the ever-increasing global fuel prices. In addition, solar power isn’t subject to changing fuel prices, which means the operating costs are quite steady after purchase. 

In many areas, solar power is more easily available than diesel or petrol, meaning you’ll have a lower chance of exhausting your fuel supply. This feature is quite useful, particularly during camping, as you don’t have to carry gas around to charge your power station. 

2.     Renewable and Clean Energy

Portable solar power stations are also a much environmentally friendlier and cleaner alternative to gas-powered generators. These devices work on a renewable energy source, i.e., solar energy, which means you don’t have to worry about the environmental impact of using gasoline to power your camping gear. Additionally, solar generators don’t release any harmful pollutants when generating electricity. This way, you can rest assured that your camping trip isn’t harming the planet in any form or shape. 

3.     Noise-Free and Low Maintenance Requirements

Compared to gas or fuel-powered generators, solar generators don’t contain any moving parts. This has two key benefits. Firstly, solar generators are quiet and don’t need frequent maintenance.

If you’re purchasing a solar generator for camping, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the surroundings by powering your RV or firing up a generator. 

There are also minimal chances of a portable solar power system randomly breaking down in the middle of your adventure. Thus, you can stay confident that your camping trip won’t be interrupted by random issues. 

4.     Lower Operational Costs

With every machine, you have to factor in the cost of consumables to assess the operating costs. Compared to gas-powered generators, you don’t need to purchase and change engine oil for solar generators, which significantly lowers their operating costs. 

Solar-powered generators also have a substantially larger lifespan. This means you will have to spend a lot less on replacements and repairs. Plus, you don’t have to buy oil to run the generators, which further reduces the operating costs of these units. 

What to Look for In Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping Solar Power?

Keep in mind that portable solar systems are available in a vast range of sizes. The capacity of the battery is going to be mentioned by the manufacturer in Watt-Hours on the device, and you’ll need to check this before purchasing one for your requirements. Usually, the battery sizes are much smaller compared to regular power systems. However, there are a number of sizes that you can pick from. Thus, you can easily choose a battery size that meets your needs. 

Best Portable Generator for Camping

Here are some of the best portable solar generators for camping. 

1.     BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station 

The BLUETTI EB70S comes from a new generator of powerful and smart portable power stations that offers the highest degree of security so you can get maximum safety. 

It comes with a 716-watt-hour capacity along with 800 continuous wattages and 1400 watt peak (surge). This makes it an excellent power station for various appliances, including air pumps, rechargeable lights, mini-fridges, and a lot of other camping gear. 

2.     BLUETTI EB55 Portable Power Station

Powerful enough to meet your charging needs and light enough to carry around, the BLUETTI EB55 surpasses the budget power generators by a long way. With a battery capacity of 537 watt-hours and the power of 700 watts from its built-in LifePo4 batter, the portable power station can charge 11 gadgets at once. 

Last Few Words

Whether you frequently head out for a short camping trip or boondock in your RV, portable solar power systems are the way to go. Featuring large and expandable capacities, various charging methods, and energy for all your appliances, have a look at our range of portable solar power stations for camping here.

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