Is this the solar generator you need?

The bluetti eb150 Power Station is an affordable, high-performance backup battery. 1500wh, can store a lot of energy. In addition, it is undoubtedly the best outdoor portable power supply for those who like to travel or self drive. For you, you need only one or two solar panels to charge it in an outdoor home. There's no pressure for you to power your phone, tablet or any other device. With this portable solar generator, you will have a relaxed and pleasant trip.

I don't think I'll ever see supermarket shelves empty that day, but as recent events have shown, our modern society is more fragile than we thought. More than ever, it's important that you prepare for an emergency: whether it's a virus pandemic, a natural disaster, or civil strife. These events are likely to happen, and will increase in the coming decades.

However, in our real life, an important aspect of emergency preparedness is electricity. So a large capacity power station is very important for us both at home and abroad. If all food needs to be thawed in a day, it's not good to keep food in the refrigerator for six months. So today, let's look at the "bluetti" eb150; it's sold in major markets in Europe and the United States. This is a huge 1500wh energy storage, 1000W AC output, including an MPPT controller directly connected to a large solar panel.

Design and specifications

Input: AC adapter or solar (16-60v 10a), 9mm DC connector

Output: 2 AC sockets, 4 2.1a 5V USB ports, 1 45W PD usb-c, 1 12V 9A car port

Total capacity: 1500wh

Maximum output power: continuous 1000W, peak value 1200

Battery technology: lithium ion

Charging time: AC 10 hours, solar variable (at least 4 hours)

Weighing 38 pounds (17 kg), the bluetti eb150 is about the size of a small office computer. There is no reinforcement such as rubber bumpers or socket covers, but the housing itself is solid metal with secure ABS handles and front / rear panels. It can be beaten, of course, unless any water element is involved in the beating. It's not waterproof, not even splash proof. Don't let it rain.

The eb150 has three buttons for power, AC and DC outputs. Activate the output by pressing and holding the relevant button for a few seconds. A small display shows the current battery level (estimated by five parts), as well as accurate figures for input, AC and DC output power.

Should you buy a bluetti eb150 portable power station?

Bluetti provides enough electricity for most people at a reasonable price. You'll find that competitors' models have higher peak output, even if they don't have a larger total capacity; these models will cost more, but maybe your specific use case needs to. You can also find models that charge faster, which may be more appropriate if you want more solar panels, or if it takes just a few hours to recharge from the grid. But again, these are either more expensive or damaged elsewhere. For most people, bluetti is a great all-around product. If you like, remember to buy it on our website!