EB150 Frequently FAQs

  • What is the capacity of this EB150 power station?

    1500Wh,101351mAh/14.8V( equivalent to 405405mAh 3.7V).

  • What kind of battery cell used in the EB150 power station?

    We built in LG Li-ion battery cell, ,4S3P.

  • Can charge and discharge at the same time?

    Yes, you can.

    What kind of product can be charged by the EB150 power station?
    For AC powered device, make sure the max. power of the device is no more than 1000W. for overload capacity, 1000W ≤Load<1200W @2Min,1200W≤Load @1s;
  • How to choose compatible Solar panel?
    It must meets:
    1)Open Circuit Voltage(OCV):16-60V/Max.10A, Max.500W (DC7907 to MC4 Charging cable is included)
    2)MC4 Connector
    Tips: make sure the total OCV(open circuit voltage) is no more than 60V if you connect several solar panel in series!!
  • How long can be recharged by Solar Panel?
    It depends on the input power of the solar panel and the strength of the sunlight.
    For example, for 300W input solar energy, the charge time is about 5-5.5Hrs. for 500W solar panel, the charge time is about 3.5-4hrs.
  • How long should I recharge the EB150 power station if I do not use it for a long time?
    We suggest to recharge it very 3 or 6 months for better protect the battery cell and ensure a longer life cycle.
  • Anything else important should I know?
    Note: When the total output power exceeds 1000W, the DC output will be directly shut down. When the load is less than 30W, the output power would not be displayed. When a high-power appliance is attached to the product, the displayed output power and the actual output power could be different for up to 30W.