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BLUETTI Inc. Domain Name Changing Announcement

Free local shipping, *2-year hassle-free warranty

Dear BLUETTI community,

With the launch of of our latest product BLUETTI EB70,

Bluetti Power Inc. is delighted to announce that our new domain name – https://www.bluettipower.com is now officially ready for public use. Our digital team has been working hard to create a smoother and safer online shopping experience for our customers. The old pages of www.bluetti.com and @bluetti.com email addresses will still be functional till August 1st.

The following work will be gradually completed over the next few weeks:

  1. Links thatuse the previous com domain will be automatically redirected to bluettipower.com and email sent to any @bluetti.com addresses will also be automatically forwarded.
  1. Accordingly, all affiliate links pointing to com will turn invalid, please contact sale@bluettipower.comfor re-registration of ShareSale.
  1. Please whitelist the bluettipower.com domain and update your bookmarks accordingly to help the new pages get indexed!


We hope you like the changes on our new website and we’d appreciate any kind of feedback. You can reach us anytime on Facebook, Instagram or shoot over an email to service@bluettipower.com.


*Please note that you'll not be able to sign in to the new website with the user information of bluetti.com, since they are based on two different systems. Please re-register on www.bluettipower.com before you place the order. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Happy surfing!