What Size Home Battery for a 1,000 Square Feet House?

Power outages are gradually becoming a norm, thanks to the increased occurrence of extreme weather events and aging power infrastructure. 

A power outage doesn’t come alone; it can cause all sorts of issues, including rotten food, low drinking water availability, exposure to extreme cold and heat, disrupted communication, and other unfortunate situations.

Thus, investing in the home battery backup is the safest way to counter all these issues – particularly if outages in your area last for more than a day. 

This article will offer a detailed discussion of the wattage consumption of a 1,000-square-foot house and outline recommendations for the best home battery backups available. It will also provide tips on choosing the right battery backup for your house. 

So, let’s get started.

How Many Watts Does a 1,000 Sq Ft House Need?

Your floor area won’t necessarily impact your wattage consumption; rather, it depends on which appliances you use and for how long. 

While an average household uses 3 kWh of electricity per day, your wattage consumption might be high if you use heavy-duty devices, like an air conditioning system, electronic space heater, cooking range, and wall-mounted ovens.

The table below indicates the wattage consumption of common household devices:

Home Appliance

Wattage Consumption

1-Ton Inverter AC


1.5-Ton Inverter AC


Home Refrigerator

350W to 780W

Modern Deep Freezer

80W to 300W

Ceiling Fan


LED Light Bulb


Washing Machine

500W to 1,400W

Clothes Dryer

1,800W to 5,000W

Bread Toaster

800W to 1,500W

Keurig/Nespresso Coffee Machine

900W to 1,500W

Desktop Computer

60W to 300W


30W to 200W

Electric Stove


Electric Rice Cooker

300W to 1,100W

Microwave Oven

2,000W to 5,000W


500W to 700W



Home Internet Router


Inkjet Printer

30W to 50W

Electric Iron

800W to 2,000W

Space Heater

750W ~ 1,500W


214W to 970W

24-Inch LCD TV


24-Inch LED TV


Electric Geyser


Vacuum Cleaner


BLUETTI 5 Home Battery Backups for 1,000 Sq Ft House

BLUETTI is a global trademark when it comes to solar applications. Below are our recommendations for the best home battery backups for a 1,000 Sq Ft house. Choose the one with sufficient capacity to accommodate your wattage consumption. 

1. BLUETTI EP900 + B500 Home Battery Backup

bluetti ep900

The BLUETTI EP900 + B500 is a practical solution for all your power needs. The EP900 + B500 offers an impressive capacity of 10~20 kWh, can deliver a high output of 9,000W, and is compatible with both 120V and 240V appliances. It can keep all your devices fully functional without breaking a sweat.

Distinguished by its modular design, the EP900 + B500 can be customized in accordance with your evolving power needs. Its battery capacity can be increased to 19.8 kWh by adding up to two EP900 modules. Concerned about safety? The EP900 + B500 is heat-resistant and won’t cause any thermal runaways. This 24/7 UPS backup also offers an unprecedented 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.

The EP900 + B500 is a revolutionary backup for both residential and small corporate scenarios. Its 9kW powerful inverter can easily accommodate the wattage requirement of power-hungry appliances. 

2. BLUETTI EP800 + B500 Home Battery Backup

bluetti ep800

The BLUETTI EP800 + B500 is another versatile and reliable home backup that offers scores of benefits. This residential storage system is rated at 7,600W and kicks in merely 20 milliseconds as soon as the power goes out. Additionally, it can be easily integrated with your current or new solar system. In case your energy needs increase our time, its storage capacity can be enhanced from 9.9 kWh to an astonishing 19.9 kWh.

The EP800 + B500 is unique for its peak-load-shifting function. Charge it using free solar energy during the daytime or through low-cost grid power during off-peak hours. Then, utilize this energy during peak hours to save on your bills.

To keep it brief, this 24/7 UPS backup is particularly recommended if you want to power heavy loads like air conditioners and electric stoves.

3. BLUETTI AC300 + 4*B300 Home Battery Backup

bluetti ac300

The AC300 + B300 is a top-notch solution for house emergencies and power blackouts. Its inceptive capacity is 3,072Wh. But, with four B300 modules, it can be enlarged to a total of 12,288Wh – that is enough to run your home appliances off-grid for up to four days.

Its pure sine inverter is rated at 3,000W and can deliver a surge wattage of 6,000W. It also enables the adjustment of charging rate from 1,800~3,000W via wall outlets in response to your needs. The AC input is 1,800W by default, which can be amplified to 3,000W with the 30A charging cable (sold separately on BLUETTI).

Packed with LiFePO4 technology, this system can operate for over 3,500 cycles with 80% efficiency. The AC300 + B300 is exceptionally versatile and can be recharged in seven different ways, including an AC outlet, solar panels, a car, a generator, a lead-acid battery, and AC + solar. 

In the event of power interruptions, the AC300 + B300 offers 24/7 UPS home backup, making sure your home appliances never die of power.

4. BLUETTI AC500 + B300S Home Battery Backup

bluetti ac500s

The BLUETTI AC500 + B300S is another game-changer when it comes to energy storage solutions. It delivers an impressive 5,000W output power and takes up to 10,000W surge, ensuring all your home devices run to their full capacity.

Its initial capacity is 3,072Wh. But in case your energy needs evolve over time, it can be expanded by adding up to six B300S modules (3,072Wh each). The AC500 + B300S also offers smart app control. Connect your system using Bluetooth or WiFi, monitor your energy consumption, toggle between modes, or perform system upgrades, all from the palm of your hand.

The AC500 + B300S is a beauty with the brain; it provides 24/7 UPS backup in times of emergency and can be recharged in six different methods: AC power, solar energy, your car port, a generator, a lead-acid battery, and dual charging (with either two AC outlets or using AC power and solar energy simultaneously).

Additionally, it features 16 outlets for versatile charging. BLUETTI also provides a 4-year warranty for this product, all for the sake of your satisfaction.

5. BLUETTI EP500 Pro Home Battery Backup

bluetti ep500pro

The last backup on our list is the EP500 Pro. The BLUETTI EP500 Pro is a prime UPS backup that can provide enough energy for your house, parties, cabin workshops, and even family camping trips. It comes with an amazing 5,100Wh capacity and a 3,000W pure sine wave AC inverter. It also features 15 outlet sources so that multiple devices can be powered at once. 

The EP500 Pro is extremely safe and long-lasting, with an advanced battery management system and LiFePO4 technology. The system also has a built-in dual-core microcomputer whose firmware can easily be upgraded over an internet connection.

Unlike conventional diesel/gas generators, the EP500 Pro requires minimal maintenance, creates low noise (less than 50dB), and does not emit harmful fumes. 

Want your system to be quickly charged? Use the onboard battery to power your appliances – this will fast charge your EP500 Pro with a blazing input of 2,000W and also keep your appliances working without draining the battery. Lastly, in case your energy needs rise, buying another EP500 Pro unit is recommended – this will double both the capacity and output.

BLUETTI 5 Home Battery Backups Comparison

Home Battery Backup

Capacity (kW)

Special Features


EP900 + B500

9.9 to 19.8 kW

  • IP65 Water Resistant
  • Over Current and Short Circuit Protection
  • Anti-Islanding Protection
  • Temperature Adaptive Function
  • Net metering available

10 Years

EP800 + B500

9.9 to 19.8 kW

  • NEMA 4X and IP65 Protection
  • Over Current and Short Circuit Protection
  • AC and DC Coupling
  • 90% Depth of Recharge

10 Years

AC500 + 4*B300

3 to 12.2 kW

  • 240V Split Phase Bonding
  • Seven Ways to Recharge
  • 5,400 Blazing Input Rate
  • 24/7 UPS Home Backup

4 Years

AC500 + B300S

3 to 18.4 kW

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • 240V/10kW Split Phase System
  • 16 Versatile Outlets 

4 Years

EP500 Pro

5.1 kW

  • Mobile design and elegant white color
  • Dual-core Microcomputer and Internet Connection
  • In-Grid and Flexible UPS Mode
  • 15 Outlet Sources

5 Years

Tips for Choosing the Best Home Battery for Your House

In the market flooded with multiple options, choosing the best home battery backup is somehow not easy. Not all home batteries offer the same level of performance, so the tips below can help you make the right choice in this regard.

Your Energy Needs

Consider your energy needs – this is the first crucial step toward finding an appropriate home battery backup. Check out which home gadgets you want to power simultaneously. Record their wattage needs and volts and how many hours they will be utilized daily. Add at least 25 percent to the total to account for any additional heavy-duty appliances.

Recharge Time

Recharge time refers to the amount of time a backup takes to replenish after it has been fully depleted. A shorter recharge time means your battery will be ready for the next cycle quickly. BLUETTI home batteries can be recharged up to 95% within 2.5 hours – that is a relatively short amount of time compared to other brands.

Your Budget

Your budget constraints are equally important. Home batteries come in different sizes, features, and capabilities. If you cannot buy a large system at present, consider investing in the most affordable backup available. Then, you can gradually install more storage batteries and solar panels over time.

Are Solar Panels Worth It for Your House?

Yes, a solar panel system is worth it for your house. While the upfront cost may be relatively higher, a solar panel system can offer several financial benefits in the long run.

Some states also offer solar incentives, credits, and rebates for solar panel installation, while others have net metering programs. With these programs, customers can sell any surplus energy generated by their system back to the grid. In return, the electricity grid will provide credits on your future utility bills.

Final Thoughts

Have you decided to purchase a home battery backup for your 1,000-square-foot house? Your decision is worth appreciation; a home battery will keep you prepared for unpredictable grid interruptions and critical home emergencies.