5 Preparation And Restriction Tips for Your First Camping


Camping trips are a good time to spend holidays on beaches, resorts and nature, so preparations for camping are very important. When camping for the first time, someone always don’t know what to prepare and what issues need to be paid attention to. If you are also confused, we will provide you with some suggestions.

Camping Without RVs

If you plan to camp without an RV, what should you prepare? Here are some tips.


1. Tent:

 Tents are necessary. Even if dining under the stars or in the sun may be so amazing, a tent can shield you from so many disasters like the high winds. Therefore, you need to choose the best type and make sure to get its main accessories such as rope, tent- poles, stakes.

2. Food and Water:

When camping, food is always the most important you should prepare, so getting a ketogenic meal or snack that lasts for up to a week is very important. Remember, you need fresh or dried food such as fish, crab, non-perishable food or canned food. Water is necessary to sustain life. Any camper needs water during the day or night, especially after strenuous exercise. The water in ponds and swamps contains a lot of bacteria, so you must bring plenty of water or heat the water before drinking.

solar panel

3. Solar Panels:

Solar panels are another essential tools for camping. Using electricity in the wild is a headache. If you don't want to worry about the remaining power of your smartphone all the time, solar panels can solve this problem. During the day, you only need to place the solar panels under the sunlight, and the solar panels will convert solar energy into electricity to charge your devices.

It should be noted that solar panels can only generate electricity, not store electricity. That is, solar panels cannot provide electricity for your lights during the night. Therefore, we usually recommend using solar panels and power stations together. 


4. Toiletries:

Whenever you are outside the home or camping anywhere, you need to add a toothbrush, paste, towel, sanitary pad, biodegradable soap, and any other toiletries you may need.


5. Lamps:

It is really a beautiful moment when sitting under the stars and beholding the beauty of the night sky. If the moonlight is good, it will give you some lighting. But it is better to have a lamp. Of course, you can use the flash of your phone to illuminate, but a lamp or flashlight is also necessary.


Camping with RVs

If you spend a long time on the journey and there are many places to go, then RV travel will be your first choice. What do you need to prepare in advance for camping in an RV and what should you do after you arrive at the campground? Read on, you will find the answer.

1. Route Planning:

Before you set off, you need to plan your route to save time. Make sure that there is a suitable campsite near your destination so that you can get the essential supplies, such as drinking water, food, etc.

Each national park, national forest, or state forest has specific regulations, but most agencies usually require tourists to camp at least 200 feet from the nearest water source to protect sensitive plants near the coastline and prevent people from polluting the water source.

2. Outdoor furniture:

Even if you have some indoor furniture in your RV, outdoor furniture is necessary, such as chairs and outdoor tables. After arriving at the campsite, you can take out the chair and sit outdoors and enjoy your camping.

3. Clothes:

Being prepared for the unpredictable weather when camping, you can also choose your clothes according to your scheduled route and season. Also make sure you have enough sun gear, which may include a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and a UV coat.

4. Solar Generators:

To solve the electricity problem, you need to take at least one solar generator. With solar generator, you can enjoy your trip better. Click here to get the solar generator we picked for you.bluetti solar generator

With a capacity of 2048Wh, AC200MAX solar generator can run your lights(10W) for 50 Hrs. You may wonder what does 2048 Wh mean? You will find the answer from the below picture.bluettti ac200 max

In addition, it comes with 3 solar panels. You just need to place solar panels on the roof your RV, and connect solar panels with AC200MAX. Once the sun hits the solar panels, they will charge your AC200MAX solar generator. You will get free electricity for sun. 

solar generator and panels

Besides, AC200MAX solar generator can work with up to 2 BLUETTI B300 to achieve a massive capacity of 8192Wh. 

emergency kit

5. Medicine:

Preparing medications is a safety guarantee during the journey. Cold medicine, anti-fever medicine, anthelmintic medicine is necessary. If your RV’s space is enough, please prepare as many medicines as possible.

What should you never do during camping?

Camping is a relaxing activity. But this does not mean you can do whatever you want. Here are the things you should never do in camping.

1. Being alone in the forest

Being alone in the wild is dangerous, especially in the forest. Forest is full of unknowns, you’d better be with your friends. If you need to go out alone, please tell your friends where you are going and when will you be back.

2. Annoying wild animals

If you annoy any wild animals, it will be a dangerous thing. Remember, you are a guest of that place, and that is their home.

3. Leaving the place without cleaning

Protecting the environment is what each of us should do. When finish your camping, please remember to clean up and restore the campsite to its original condition. Pay particular attention to whether you have put out the fire. If the fire is not out, it will be a huge disaster for nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should you never forget when camping?

A: The most important thing to bring to camp is your headlamps, sleeping mats, camping stoves, and essential items needed during camping. You may forget  some, but keep in mind that the items listed.

Q: How do charge my devices when camping?

A: When in camp, the solar panels or solar generators will be the first choice. Just place solar panels under sun, and connect your phone, iPad, Macbook or other devices to solar panels or solar generators.

Q: Is power station worth it?

Although the initial investment cost of a solar generator is much higher than other generators, it hardly requires subsequent costs. You can use solar panels to charge it, which is completely free.


Preparation is crucial to campsites whenever you decide to go camping with or without RVs. Now, you know how to prepare for camping. What are you waiting for? Start your trip!