How to Prepare for Power Outage in Winter

Taking your time to prepare for winter means that you are looking out for the future and ensuring that you and your family see yourself through the season.

We often take electricity for granted, but it becomes a shock when the power goes out, and we have to survive through the misery.

This is because staying without heat, food, and access to news and information as it happens makes days and nights longer.

Below, we will guide you on how to prepare for power outage in winter to ensure that we are safe.

What Are 3 Worst Blizzards in US Winter Weather History?

Storms are known to cause the damage and destruction of life and property. As much as the strength of this storm differs, some are known to be the most notorious, causing the most damage. The top three of these includes;

  • The White Hurricane

This is the worst storm that ever happened, dated November of 1913. It hit the great lakes region, and as a result, hundreds of people died, and up to eight ships sunk. The meteorologists of the time declared it the worst storm that ever happened.

  • The Great Appalachian Storm

This was termed one of the most unique storms because it was both a blizzard and a hurricane. This happened back in the 1950s, leaving hundreds of people dead and another hundred people injured.

  • The Blizzard

This was a deadly storm and was referred to as 'the storm of the century. The storm killed hundreds of people and left thousands injured.


Winter Storm 2021 - Texas Power Outage

In mid-February of 2021, extreme cold was experienced in the state of Texas. The electric power system in the state failed to meet the customers' needs at this opportune time.

This resulted in a lot of finger-pointing at each other, with many reasons coming up, including; too much wind power, little regulation, poor planning, among others.

The extreme cold that happened overwhelmed the Texas winter preparations. The natural wells and pipelines began freezing, and many water systems broke down; many losses were experienced not just in the Electric power industry.

If the power sector had looked deeper to gain and understand how to prepare for power outage in winter, the loss and the damage that happened then would not have happened in the first place.

9  Ways to Prep for a Winter Power Outage

Different measures are taken to prepare for winter. Among these is the preparation for a power outage because, during winter, extreme cold may happen or occur than expected, which may ruin all survival plans. For this reason, extra measures need to be taken, in preparation for the same. Here are various ways on how to prepare for power outage in winter.

1. Food And Water

When storms come and winter is approaching, everyone is tempted to rush to the grocery store. Just as much as this is okay to do, it’s wise to shop for non-perishable foods.

This way, when a power outage happens, there will be enough food to sustain you and your family through.

It’s wiser to pick non-perishable basic foods that would last your family three consecutive days because you never know how long this may take.

Foods with some protein and calories are ideal and canned foods because they are made to have a longer shelf life.

Emergency water supply is key; this is because, when water runs out, you may not be able to rely on the normal water source. Therefore, it’s wise to have portable cans with water handy just in case. We recommend one gallon of water per person per day.

2. Make Sure Your Battery Power Back is Ready

When you know that winter is coming, it’s always better to be ready than be surprised. For this reason, it’s important to have a backup in the event of a winter power outage. This includes a battery power back. This is because you will need some electrical equipment to see you through, including the radios and even the phones. The battery power bank will come in handy in such instances.

3. Run Water Regularly

During winter, the plumb problems tend to come up more often than any other time. This is because there are water pipes outdoors, and water coming into the house through these pipes which may end up freezing; as a result, this may lead to bursting the pipes. Running the water regularly helps melt the pipe's ice, which prevents damage from happening.


4. Prepare Your Home and Car

When winter comes, you need to prepare your home and your car in readiness for the storm. You must learn the measures to take to ensure that you do not have an emergency during a power outage in your homes during winter.

The first step in this is to winterize your home. This is to ensure that your homes hold on to as much heat as possible, know what you need to unplug in case the power goes off, and ensure you have a backup, like a portable generator, try to condense your living room because it’s much easier to make a smaller space warmer for longer. And lastly, repair any broken or damaged piping.

 The winter road can be ,in most instances, dangerous. For this reason, driving during winter is a challenge; this is why a car emergency kit is vital.

Here is a checklist of what to do to your car in preparation for winter power outage

  • Inspect and fill up your tires
  • consider switching the tires to snow tires
  • change your oils and fix your heater

This comes in as a preventative measure on an event that you are stuck in the car for long.

5. Listen to the Weather Forecast and Check Your Supplies

The weather forecast gives a lot of information in detail that aid in knowing what is happening and what to expect. This will help you understand what you need to do in preparation for power outage in winter.

This includes getting an emergency kit, stocking up food, especially non-perishable foods, if the power goes off and the fridge cannot help anymore. Checking your supplies also helps ensure that anything that needs to be replaced or stocked up is done to ensure that you and your family are safe.

6. Get Your Car Ready

It’s never a smooth ride during winter, and challenges come in every other day. For this reason, it’s important to get your car winter-ready as early as now to ensure that your car will see you through the months of winter without fail. Getting your car winter-ready early will also save you from all the inconveniences and ensure that you and your family are safe when you are out driving. This can be done by:

  • Checking the tires pressure
  • Ensure you have a winter emergency kit
  • Get battery tested
  • Check your engine coolant and the antifreeze levels
  • Get the brake lights and headlights inspected.

7. Don't Forget About the Pets

Like us, our homes and the cars, the pets are also required to be kept safe during winter. Here is how to prepare for power outage in winter to ensure that your pets are cared for;

  • Make frequent visits to the vet
  • Take shorter walks with your pet
  • Ensure you get your pet a chip and a tag
  • Include your pet supplies in the emergency kit

8. Set Aside Warm Clothes

Naturally, we all think about the ways to keep the house warm during winter., but other than starting a fireplace to keep the pace warm, it’s also okay to have several layers of warm clothes. This way, the body will have a great way to hold on to its heat. This includes having gloves, warm socks, coats, sweaters, jackets, and boots set aside, where the family can easily get to.


9. Get Home Battery Backup for Energy Storage


The AC300+B300 is a battery package best for energy storage. It’s the perfect portable set because it can be carried around easily and works both outdoors and indoors. The best part about this is that it’s controlled by an app and comes with a user manual that is of great help to you as the user, making it easy to turn on. The equipment also supports up to 4 BLUETTI B300 battery packs.

This setup can easily be an emergency power center and power your home essentials for one week, or with enough solar panels, you can even run your whole house, off-grid indefinitely.


This is a portable power station. It has a large capacity and an additional 2-year warranty.

An added advantage to this is that PV200 solar panels can charge it. Despite being identical to AC200P, this is changed and is a more improved version.

For more information, you can find in this article.


We all know how it’s important to be prepared for the winter power outage. The power lines are easily weakened during these times, and therefore, having a power outage is an expectation. However, this article guides you on how to prepare for power outage in winter to ensure that the emergency can be handled in the household in case an outage occurs and before the electricity is restored.


1. How can I heat my house when the power is out?

The best way is to wear layers of clothes and use blankets and battery-powered space heaters.

2. Is it safe to use battery power banks indoors?

The power banks are considered safe but can course burns if they malfunction.

3. How do you prepare for a storm power outage?

Start your winter storm preparations early; stock up on batteries, get a full tank of gas, stock up on batteries, get an old school phone.

4. How long is the fridge okay without power?

 If the door stays closed, food will stay safe for up to 4 hours in a refrigerator.

5. Can you drink tap water if the power goes out?

When the power goes out, the water purification systems may fail to work. Having bottled, boiled or treated water is recommended.

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