House Generators--A Perfect Solution To Power Outage

Power generators for home is a portable emergency energy storage device. It's able to charge your multiple devices simultaneously, so you won’t be left without lights during a blackout.

Reasons to Get a Power Generator

Getting an emergency power generator in summer to serve as a backup for your homes is crucial. It reduces cost of living and ensures uninterrupted power especially after an unexpected power outage.

A power generator provides electricity to your home during an blackout and it is an ideal unit that should be added to your emergency kit.

Here are some reasons why having a home generator is important:

1.  Keeps Your Important Appliances Running

When you have an emergency generator, it will assist in your homes by keeping your appliances and equipment overhead lights, refrigerators, and even medical equipment. It serves as a backup source after a power outage.

2.  Prevents Food Spoilage

Power Outage can happen, especially when you stock up your refrigerator. So having an emergency generator can help keep your food from spoiling and save money.

3. Offers You Peace of Mind

No one likes feeling helpless during an emergency.Thanks to the emergency generator. you don’t have to rely too much on the local electricity when the grid goes down, and it keeps your home calm and ready for power to be restored.

Should you buy a Power Generator?

A power generator is excellent to get because when there is a power outage, it serves as a backup to your home, thereby keeping it more comfortable and safe. It is an ideal item to add to your emergency and weather preparedness checklist. So it's a very crucial emergency device, especially in areas where power outages are frequent.

Another importance you need to purchase an emergency generator is because you need it to power some appliances of your home to avoid financial losses when the power goes off for days.

We Picked for You

BLUETTI EB55 537wh/700w portable power station

If you’re looking for a budget power generator for house, the BLUETTI EB55 537 WH/700W portable power Station is second to none.

This power generator consists of ultra-stable LiFeP04 battery with a built-in Battery Management System(BMS).

It is highly recommended for homes because it creates multiple protection while offering BLUETTI EB55 solar generator 2500+ charge cycles before reaching 80% capacity.

It supports 400 watts of input, making it fully charged in just two hours. You can also charge it with BLUETTI PV200 SOLAR PANEL to save your electricity bill.

Another highlight is that it can charge 13 devices simultaneously. At the top of it, there is a 15w wireless charging pad where you can put your smartphone on to charge.


Highly recommended for high-budget homes.

AC200MAX silent power generator has about 2048 Wh battery capacity and features a LiFePO4 battery.

It also has a 100w PD 3.0 USB –C port, an Upgraded MPPT Controller, which can handle up to 900W of solar power with an inbuilt -30A NEMA TT-30 Outlet designed specifically for RV Crowds.

If you want to go camping, it will help you to charge your iPad, Macbook, smartphone or other devices you need when camping.

Thanks to it can use BLUETT PV200 solar panels to charge it, so you don't have to worry about running out of electricity when you're in the campground.

AC200 MAX supports two additional battery packs, using either the BLUETTI B230 or B300. You can also expand it from about 2048Wh to a massive 6144Wh (2*B230) or 8192WH (2*B300) that can run over the capacity for hours, days, or weeks.


If the capacity of the above two power generator for houses cannot satisfy you, then there’s BLUETTI AC300 for you.

It should be noted that AC300 has no internal battery pack, so it needs to connect with BLUETTI B300 battery. Each B300 holds 3072Wh. AC300 accepts up to 4 B300 batteries to achieve 12,288Wh.

What can you do with one B300?

You can use the microwave to heat up the meal 45 times, or power the refrigerator for 10 hours, or run the air conditioner for 3 hours.

Waiting for charging is never a pleasure. When plugged into a wall socket and solar panel, AC300 can support a total input rate of up to 5400W*.

It uses top-tier lithium iron phosphate cells that can handle over 3500+ life cycles while maintaining about 80% of its original capacity.

Pros of power generator for house


There are some pros of getting a power generator which are :

  • In fact, investing in powergenerators can minimize costs. The initial investment cost of a solar power generator may be very high, but since it does not require natural gas or other fuels in the later period, its overall cost is very low and almost does not require maintenance.
  • The other main benefit of owning a home generator is in winter. You can use it to power your air conditioner to keep the room warm. Or use it to cook, so that you have hot food to eat incold
  • The importance of having a power generatorwill help keep the power to your home running in the event of a storm or natural disaster. Power outages caused by natural disasters are always frightening, because you can't get real-time information from the outside world. But the power generator can keep your smart phone powered at all times, so you can get the latest information in time, or ask for help from the outside world.
  • Power generator for houses can power whatever your family needs, so when there is a power outage, you will get guaranteed power for all your major appliances, including your air- conditioning and heating system, water heater system, refrigerator, sump –pump, garage door opener. Also, it ensures the home security system is armed and your gadgets and phones, and laptops charged.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What size of generator do you need to power up your house?

A: You can often sketch the size of generator you need to before buying it, so I recommend first calculating the number of appliances in your home and getting a 500 to 7500 watts size generator.

Another key point when considering the size when you want to purchase a house generator is to check the exact wattage of your home appliances.

Q: Is it worth getting a housegenerator?

A: Yes, it is surely worth buying a power generator for house.

When you buy it, you consider the significant comfort of your home, and you only need to do your simple calculation and cost estimate when choosing the right size you need.

Q: Is the power generatorvery expensive?

A: Yes, its price is expensive. The prices of solar generators on the market range from $300 to $5,000. But it costs almost nothing after you buy it. You can charge it with solar panels or mains supply.

Q: Can I use the power generator when camping?

A: YES, you can. 


Power generators for home are very efficient and provide assurance to your homes when there is a power outage. It keeps your home at peace during the winter period. It is very quiet and can run for hours or even days. So instead of losing money, it is very affordable and relatively better than its alternatives.


Interested in your full line of home generators. Possibly becoming a distributor for my area. Please contact me.

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