How to Choose The Super Portable Solar Generator for Your Boat

Portable solar generators for boats can offer emergency power source when your main power supply on the boat has been cut off.

They are of great importance to ensure the electrical appliances on the vessel run properly and effectively.

The portable solar generator is also used for performing recreational activities, such as boating or camping, and helps keep your fish, meat, and food fresh for an extended period.

It can also provide light during nighttime and power some electrical appliances, including flashlights, GPS, mobile phones, and laptops.  bluetti solar generators for boats

Three Types of Solar Generators for Boats

1. Inverter Generators

This is a new and advanced type of portable generator that comes with an electronic upgrade.

An inverter generator automatically regulates its engine speed to meet the required electrical demand.

Thus, the inverter generator runs at a constant rate depending on the load size.

This feature enables the generator to run efficiently while reducing the noise and fuel consumption level. 

2. Conventional Generators

It’s a generator that is usually powered by fuel. It can offer a consistent stream of power to any electrical appliances you plug into it, and produces a lot of power or energy that you can use to power the various electrical devices and tools on the boat. 

3. Solar and Electric Generators

The solar and electric generators are environmentally friendly options that can power various appliances in your boat. Portable solar generators for boats produces zero noise and does not emit any toxic gasses or pollution that might cause harm to marine life. 

Features to Consider When Choosing Portable Generatorsa hand holds a blue solar generator

1. Portability

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing portable generators is the portability, which allows you to quickly move the generator from one place to another with ease, saving much hassle when you are sailing or going for an outdoor trip or spending some time with friends and family at the park.

2. Noise Levels

It's vital to choose a portable generator that make a noise at a lower level. The portable solar generators are eco-friendly and produce reduced noise levels. You can use the generator on the boat, and one can enjoy doing their activities without any noise or disturbance. bluetti ac200p solar generator

3. Power and Outputs

Power and outputs are other features that you need to consider when choosing a portable solar generators for your boat. When it comes to power, you need to select a portable generator that will cater to your power requirements and provide a consistent power supply safely and effectively.

In addition, a solar generator with many output ports can charge multiple devices at the same time.

4. Run Time

The lifespan or run time of the portable generator should be efficient to meet the power requirement of the electrical appliances on the boat.

It's essential to choose a portable generator with a run time between 700 to 1500 hours. You should also regularly maintain the portable generators to extend their expected lifespan.

Recommended Products 

bluetti eb150 power station

BLUETTI EB150 1500wh/1000w portable power station

This is one of the most popular power stations that features 1000W rated power and 1500Wh capacity. It also has 1200W surge power, multiple recharge or output charge ports.bluetti eb150 solar generator

It has powerful and versatile exterior output ports that could power your lights and other electrical appliances, including mobile phones and laptops.

With the weight of 37.9lb, it can be moved to another place easily and supply power to your electronic barometer, GPS, snow blower, mini-refrigerator, gaming PC, and TV. 

bluetti ac200max power station and solar panels

BLUETTI AC200MAX power station+3*PV200 panel combo

The power stations have a long-lasting LFP battery that can offer up to 3500+ life cycles. The LFP battery technology offers longevity, safety, and incredible thermal resistance. running time of ac200max

It has a capacity of up to 2048 watt-hours, which can power a 10W light for 50hrs or a 150W fridge for 15-28hrs.  power stations and solar panels on the beach

Moreover, AC200MAX is compatible with 900W solar input. You can put a PV200 panel on your boat, then connect the solar panel to AC200MAX via solar charging cable. In this way, you would never worry about your electricity problem on the boat. 

bluetti ac300+b300 combo

BLUETTI AC300+2*B300 combo

The BLUETTI AC 300 has amazing flexibility and expandability, which is incredible for supplying power in great expansion devices and can be used as a standalone basic power generator. output ports of b300

The power station is designed to offer outstanding flexibility and has two USB ports, output and input portals, and a power button.

AC300 power station has exceptional output and input ratings. It also features a responsive LCD touch screen with superior functionality and exceptional visibility. blue solar generator and panel

Why A Solar Generator Instead of A Gas Generator?

One of the main advantages of portable solar generators for boats is that they are a clean energy source since they do not generate any harmful carbon monoxide emissions, therefore you can use it indoors to power various electrical appliances.

It’s highly encouraged not to use the gas generators indoors since they produce toxic carbon monoxide emissions into the air, which would cause fatal harm to the people. 

How to Charge A Portable Solar Generator?

1. Solar Panels

Using solar panels to charge the portable solar generator for a boat is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way especially during a camping or sailing. Your power station or generator should have a high input capacity to ensure that you can power various electrical appliances when you stay out on a trip for a long period.

2. AC Outlet

This is one of the fastest ways to charge your portable solar generator. An AC outlet helps to charge your generator fast and efficiently and can be an added advantage if you find them in the RV parks and bigger campgrounds. Gaining access to an AC outlet will enable you to recharge your portable generator without any delays.

3. Car Charger

This is another way to charge your portable generator. However, it can sometimes take a long time to charge it through this method. It’s crucial to remember not to charge your portable generator with the car charger when the vehicle is not moving. This might cause significant damages to the engine of your car. However, if you are driving, it would be worth plugging in and re-charge the portable generator. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a portable generator on a boat?

A: Sure. You can use a portable generator on the boat to power various electrical appliances and tools on the boat. A portable generator, in most cases, does not generate any emissions, which makes it environmentally friendly and safe to use while sailing.

Q: What size of portable generator do I need for my boat?

A: The size of the portable generator for your boat will depend on the power supply requirements while sailing on the boat. If you are unfamiliar with the wattage or power supply requirements that will best suit your needs, it’s best to seek the help of a professional who will be able to recommend the right portable size generator to cater to your needs. The professional expert will calculate wattage and your power requirements and suggest the best portable generator for you.

Q: Do you need a generator on a boat?

A: Yes. You may need a generator on a boat since it can provide a power supply to keep the electronics, heater, and appliances running smoothly, even when the engines are turned off. If you decide to buy a generator, it’s vital to ensure that you choose the most suitable size that will cater to your power requirements and maintain it properly. solar panel and red power station


It's important to select and purchase a portable solar generator which will be necessary to take care of your power supply on the boat. The portable solar generator is safe, user-friendly, and will provide an emergency power supply to power the boat's various tools and electrical appliances.

Portable generator for a boat will satisfy your power supply requirements while having a great time sailing on the boat with your family and friends.