Outdoor Recreational Activities That Everyone Can Enjoy with Portable Solar Panels

It’s quite evident that renewable, green energy is the way forward if we wish to protect the Earth for future generations and start limiting the impact of climate change. This is why an increasing number of people are starting to invest in things such as solar panels. But how do you use solar panels when you are outside the home for hiking excursions and other outdoor trips? 

Well, even though you probably cannot bring your home’s bigger solar panels along with you, you can still take advantage of solar energy by using a portable version. As the name suggests, portable solar panels are basically smaller and lighter versions of the equipment you typically see on people’s rooftops, and they are quite perfect for taking along on trips. In this article, we explore some of the top outdoor recreational activities that you can enjoy with solar energy. 

Outdoor Recreational Activities You Can Enjoy with Portable Solar Panels

Since these panels can be easily stored and carried, they’re generally used by travelers, hikers, and anyone who wants a supply of electricity when unable to access grid electricity. However, as they are available in various sizes and at different costs, there are a number of other uses too. 

1.     Hiking and Camping

One of the top outdoor uses of portable solar panels is by campers and hikers. You can mount these panels to the top of your RV or van to a portable gas or fuel generator. Compared to a smelly and noisy generator that burns fossil fuels, a battery that is charged with solar energy is odorless, clean, and quiet. As even the bigger panels are portable, you can keep them in sunlight while your RV, tent, or camper stays cool in the shade. 

If you’re planning a long camping or hiking trip and need to ensure your mobile phone is charged for emergencies or GPS purposes, a small solar panel that you can slip inside your backpack will allow you to stay connected with the world. Bigger solar panels can weigh 25 pounds or higher. Thus, they are more appropriate for car camping than hiking the Appalachian Trail. Some of the camping gear you can power with portable solar panels include a flashlight, rechargeable lighter, water kettle, portable shower, camp stove, mini fan, etc. 

2.     Boating

You can place portable solar panels on your boat’s deck and operate an electric motor with the energy stored inside a battery. The solar panel can even act as a shade to safeguard you from the sun when you’re sailing in the sea. When coupled with a portable solar battery, portable solar panels allow you to sail seamlessly without depending on wind or the smell and noise of a gas-powered motor. As long as the sun continues to shine, you can sail almost infinitely without having to make stops for refueling. 

Another interesting thing you might not know about portable solar panels is that there are special portable marine panels available for solar boating, as they have to withstand salty water and harsher weather conditions compared to what a hiker might have to experience. 

3.     Outdoor Movie Night

Portable solar panels are also an excellent option when you want a fun and relaxing movie night but don’t want to bear the trouble of extension cords. When you use portable solar panels for power supply, you don’t need to worry about tripping over an extension cord or having your space zapped by an electrical outlet. 

The good news is that several popular brands make folding solar panels that you can connect to your deep-cycle batteries in just a few minutes. In addition, some also have USB outlets for charging electronics, including your phone and laptop. 

An additional benefit of using portable solar panels is that even if there is a power breakdown in your area, you can still enjoy an outdoor movie night. All you need are portable solar panels, an outlet switch, some batteries, and a few wires that connect to your TV. Thus, you can power up your TV even when there’s no electricity. 

4.     Outdoor Sports Event

Another outdoor recreational activity you can enjoy with portable solar panels is outdoor sports events. A lot of people plan sports events but are worried about running out of electricity and disrupting the entire thing. 

In this case, portable solar panels can equip you with the power you need to keep computers, refrigerators, and fans running and even to charge tablets, phones, and other electronic devices. They can even work as a reliable source of backup power in case you experience an electricity outage in the middle of a sports event. 

5.     Road Trips

The idea of a long road trip sounds exciting to a lot of people. There is something about being on the road that feels exciting and liberating. However, if you are like most people, you are concerned about how to charge your phone and other gadgets while you are on the go. 

Fortunately, portable solar panels let you stay connected with the outside world without worrying about finding an electrical outlet or investing in a costly data plan. They even let you enjoy all your favorite movies and tunes without depleting your battery. The best thing is that they can even keep your vehicle cool by generating energy for power-hungry devices such as air conditioners. 

Since portable solar panels are quite lightweight, you can easily attach them to the roof of your car or set them up in a clearing close by. Moreover, with the increasing availability of environmentally friendly camping options, it is quite easy to prioritize sustainability during your trip. Therefore, the next time you pack your bags to go on an adventure, don’t forget to keep portable solar panels for an off-grid experience filled with limitless possibilities. 

6.     Picnics

When the weather is pleasant, there is nothing better than packing a lunch and going to your favorite picnic spot. However, if you wish to make the most out of your picnic, make sure to add portable solar panels to the mix. When you have portable solar panels, you can keep your drinks and food items cold, play your favorite music, and also keep your phone charged to stay prepared for emergencies. 

  • The Beach: A day at the beach makes the best possible picnic. Using portable solar panels, you can enjoy the comfort of home right at your fingertips, from supplying electricity to a mini fridge to playing music and even charging your laptop to watch a movie. With portable solar panels, having a picnic at the beach will be more fun and exciting than ever.
  • The Park: Whether you are going for a picnic at a local park or just having one in your backyard, you can use a portable solar panel to enjoy all your favorite picnic activities without worrying about being near an electrical outlet or running out of battery power.
  • The Mountains: You can head over to the mountains for a completely unique and unforgettable picnic experience. Again, portable solar panels can help you stay connected with the world and keep your flashlights, lighters, camp stoves, etc., up and running. 

7.     Barbecue Party

Outdoor barbecue parties are a great way to spend time and have fun with friends and family members. Nevertheless, the fuel we use to cook food in outdoor cooking is an aspect of grilling that is not considered. The gas and coal-fired barbecue grills in our patios have a huge carbon footprint because of greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. 

Thankfully, portable solar panels offer a healthier and eco-friendly way to host some incredible barbecue parties. These fuel-free and no-emissions solar panels provide a clean alternative to traditional grilling, producing the same mouth-watering results. 

8.     Backyard Pool

Portable solar panels for your backyard pool use solar energy to heat up your swimming pool. You can either install the panels on your roof or in the yard, along with a pump and motor to circulate water. Portable solar panels are available for both indoor and outdoor use and can work for all kinds of backyard pools. They can keep the water in your pool for as long as there’s sunlight or till the time the energy reserves don’t run out. 

With a portable solar panel, you can keep your backyard pool running throughout the year without worrying about electricity or gas bills, as the energy from the sun is free of cost and in unlimited supply. Keep in mind that some portable solar panels only preheat the water before you jump in, whereas others provide sufficient heat to keep the pool warm all throughout the day. 

9.     Outdoor Videography and Photo Shoot

Being a photographer, you would know that a reliable energy source is as important for a great photo shoot as the camera and the lights. A dependable source of power is necessary, whether you’re shooting portraits of couples outdoors or running a photography studio in an area that often has electricity shutdowns. 

Portable solar panels offer an efficient and endless supply of solar energy to keep you going when you are not connected to the grid. With these panels, you can rest assured that your cameras, drones, and other photography equipment are going to be charged and ready for use whether you are shooting in the world. Even when you’re shooting after sunset, the solar energy stored in a lithium battery can help you charge your photography gear, so you don’t have to stress over running out of power. 

How to Choose the Best Portable Solar Panels?

When shopping for portable solar panels, there are a few key factors you need to look for. These include: 

1.     Portable Solar Panel’s Efficiency

If you’re concerned about space or weight when going hiking or camping, make sure to check the efficiency rating of various portable solar panels. The efficiency of a solar panel is a measure of how effectively it converts sunlight into electrical power. Portable panels that have an efficiency of more than 20 percent are great products. At BLUETTI, our portable solar panels have an efficiency of 23.4 percent, which is one of the highest in the market! 

2.     Understand Your Watt-Hours

Watt-hour is a measure of how much power is used in an hour. If you want to run two light bulbs of 50 watts for a period of 10 hours, you will require a portable solar panel that can produce 1,000 watt-hours. 

Portable Solar Panels for Outdoor Activities

Get Portable Solar Panels for Outdoor Recreational Activities

Portable solar panels, along with a generator or battery, let you enjoy some great outdoor recreational activities. You can carry them with you on camping trips, beaches, and any other type of outdoor adventure. 

At BLUETTI, we provide an incredible range of portable solar panels, solar generators, and solar accessories. Buy your portable solar panels today and make your next outdoor recreational activity more fun! Check out BLUETTI products here.

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