Off Grid Solar System-Solar panels and Battery for home

People tend to think that, unless you experience blackout frequently, you do not need a solar panel; well, that's not entirely right.

This is because we need solar panels for reasons that surpass the black out, and sometimes, when power outage comes when we least expect, or using them as an alternative when the electricity bill is very high.

We need a backup for that, and these are just but a few reasons why the solar panel and battery for the home is a need.

It's known that solar panels reduce the cost of electricity bills by up to 60 % for most households.

Here we will guide you on the best solar panel and battery for your home and explain why you need them.

Top 3 solar panels and batteries for home

It‘s known that homeowners are always looking for the best solar panels and batteries for their homes because this is just so important. For this reason, it’s okay and worth asking what solar panels are the best for use in your home, and here we give you the top three best solar panels and batteries.


BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P 2000W

It’s known to be the best and of a large capacity and high power storage. Others refer to it as the power monster.

This is because it charges the highest power voltage items like the fridge, the microwave, ovens, and even air conditioners.

For this reason, having this AC200P power station in your household gives you the confidence in any emergency because it got you covered, acting as the best backup plan there is.

This also comes with a warranty card, a certificate of qualification, a user manual for guidance, a wall charger, and a solar charging cable.


BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station 716Wh/800W

This is the second most recommended and best solar panel and battery for any home.

This is because it’s made with a rather massive capacity, which enables it to power 12 different devices simultaneously for hours.

It’s most recommended for indoors and outdoors and comes to aid on days and times of power outage.

It’s also designed to serve devices that go up to 700W. This includes the hair driers, Electric grill, among others.

This Item comes with a user manual, an adapter, a car charging cable, as well as a solar charging cable.



BLUETTI PV200W solar panel is popular due to the material it’s made from.

It’s so secure because it’s made with a long-lasting material on its surface. This makes it more durable compared to other solar panels and batteries for homes.

However, despite being waterproof, it should be noted that you are not allowed to soak it in water.

It’s also made to be compatible with most and well-built BLUETTI power stations.

PV200 solar panel is also known to perform better than other solar panels in low-light conditions, giving it a much higher market advantage.


Why do you need a solar panel and battery system?

Having light and electricity at home has become a need, not a luxury at all.

There are so many household activities that may go wrong in case of a power outage, and food may go bad.

There might be a lack of tap water; those working in a home may experience difficulty because they need electricity, just so much goes wrong without power.

For this reason, you need to have a solar panel and a battery system for the following reasons;

1. To avoid power outage

The power outage comes without warning. At times, it happens when you are dependent on the power, which ruins all plans and causes a lot of inconveniences. This may go on for days and weeks depending on the reason for the power outage. Solar panels and battery for home come in aid during these challenging situations.

2. Reduce the cost of electricity

Fossil fuels are the world's primary source of energy. Everyone is solely dependent on this, and as a result, the cost of production rises, which is directly reflected in the increase in the consumers' electricity bills. To control this, getting a solar panel is the best solution because it's dependent on solar energy, which is unrestricted, natural, and available.

3. Increases your home value

Solar panel and battery system is an investment that pays off eventually. This is because getting this for your home increases and raises your home's value, especially when the time to sell the home comes. It's said that solar panels raise a home value by up to 4.1%. The price of the solar panel is added to the price of a home. For this reason, installation of this is a good investment for your property.

Pros of the Battery system

For most homeowners, a life without power outage is the biggest desire and wish.

Solar panels and battery for home come in to cover the convenience and reliability by keeping lights on for hours long after a power outage.

They work automatically to keep your house powered through the blackout.

Here are some of the advantages of a battery system.

1. Allow better use of renewable energy

Battery store energy, which ensures that you can use it whenever you need it. This energy stored is received from sources like the sun, which provides renewable energy. This energy constantly renews itself, and therefore, it’s more important that the stored energy may be used in the time of need.

2. Reduces carbon footprint

Installing these solar batteries helps to reduce the carbon footprint in your house. This is because it helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gas and pollution of the air. Unlike fossil fuels, the battery system energy produced does not go to waste, and there is much less pollution.

3. Battery systems are much more convenient

With gas generators, you have to pull it out of the garage, plug it, gas it, and keep refilling. Also, gas generators are noisy, they pollute the air, and cost a lot of fuel. Still, in contrast, battery systems come on automatically, do not make any noise, have no pollution, and provide convenient power to your entire home.

4. Provide backup power

Most homeowners never want to be without power. The solar panels and battery for home is more reliable to keep the home lighting for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years. This is because, apart from being reliable, it also has a long lifespan, serving you longer and efficiently, serving as the best back up power plan there is.

5. Zero noise pollution

Unlike other backup sources of power like fuel generators, the solar panels and battery storage systems don’t create noise pollution that bothers you and the people surrounding you. This is one unique advantage and benefit of the solar panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the lifespan of a solar battery?

Home solar battery lasts between 15 to 25 years.

2. Are solar batteries worth it?

Yes, this is because they are an impressive upgrade and very convenient for homeowners.

3. What are the two main disadvantages of solar energy?

Cost; The initial cost of purchasing solar energy is high and costly.

Dependent on the weather; Although solar energy can be collected on cloudy and rainy days, it’s more efficient on sunny days.

4. Do solar panels ruin your roof?

No, they are not bad for your roof. The potential for damage depends on the method used for installation.

5. Do I need to wash my solar panel?

Unless you live in an area with high dust blowing around, cleaning solar panels is not necessary.


With the change of technology, lifestyle, and working environments, the solar panel and battery have proven to be a necessity, and this is because we are solely dependent on power.

Once a power outage occurs, then a lot is at stake. This makes having a solar panel necessary.

The bottom line in all this is that to meet all your power needs, especially on power outage days, having the best solar panel and battery for home is crucial.

You ought to ensure that you fully explore your options to meet your needs when choosing the best solar panel and battery for your home.