BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station | 2000W 2000Wh

2000Wh/2000W Higher Output

US$1,599.00 US$1,699.00 sale

  • 2000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4,800W Surge)
  • 2,000Wh Capacity
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
  • 17 Outputs For Multiple Devices
  • 7 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar)
  • 700W Max. Solar Input
  • 1200W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC Adapter Simultaneously)
  • Eco-friendly/Gas free/Quiet/Cost-effective

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Stay Charged, Anywhere, Anytime2000W/2000Wh Power Station

No matter where you are - at home during an unexpected outage, in your backyard, on a worksite, in the woods, or on a road trip, you can always count on BLUETTI AC200P as your reliable off-grid power source.

Coffee Maker(1150W)
Coffee Maker(1150W)
1.5 Hrs
Electric Grill(1650W)
Electric Grill(1100W)
1.5 Hrs
Air Conditioner (5000 Btu)
Air Conditioner (5,000 Btu)
1-4 Hrs
Air Conditioner (8000 W)
Camera (Full-frame)
71k RAW Photos
Car Fridge (70W)
Car Fridge (70W)
20 Hrs
CPAP (40W)
30-40 Hrs

Power All Your Needs Simultaneously

Besides the AC outlets, USB-A, USB-C, Cigarette lighter port and 12V/3A DC Port, this solar generator also features 12V/25A RV port and 15W wireless chargers to provide you more charging options.

Ultra-durable & Safe Power For Everyday Needs

The Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4) battery offers 3,500+ life cycles and lasts for almost 10 years (one cycle per day), along with the advanced Battery Management System (BMS) integrated in AC200P monitors everything happening in this device, protecting your device from every potential risk in the day-to-day operations.

Solar Solution for Home Applications

BLUETTI AC200P can power most of your appliances like blenders, ice coolers, radios, projectors, and more. In the event of unexpected blackout, AC200P is a perfect home backup system especially in some areas with unstable voltage.

Power Your Adventure

Power up your devices on-the-go for hours. A reliable power source for camping, van life, and more.

Enjoy Nature With Peace of Mind

Going outdoors with no worry about running out of power.

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Cell Chemistry:
LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

3,500+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity

MPPT Charge Controller, BMS, etc.


AC Outlets:
6 x 120V/20A Receptacle, 2,000W In Total

Inverter Type:
Pure Sine Wave

Surge Power:

USB-C Port:
1 x 60W Max.

USB-A Port:
4 x 5V/3A

12V* DC Outlets:
1 x 12V/25A (RV Outlet)
1 x 12V/10A (Car Outlet)
2 x 12V/3A (5.5mm Outlet)
*All Regulated.

Wireless Charging Pad:
2 x 15W Max. (For Each)


AC Adapter Input:
400W Max.

Solar Input:
700W Max., VOC 35-150V, 12A.

Car Input:
12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port

Maximum Input:
1200W, with AC and Solar Input Simultaneously


AC Adapter (400W):
≈5.5~6 Hours

Solar (700W):
≈3.5~4 Hours (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation and low temperature)

12V/24V Car Outlet (100W/200W):
≈10 or 20 Hours

AC + Solar (1100W):
≈2.3~2.8 Hours (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation and low temperature)

Solar + Solar (1200W):
≈2.1~2.5 Hours (With Optional D050S DC Charging Enhancer)

Dual AC (800W):
≈3~3.5 Hours (With Optional Dual Adapters)


240V Split Phase Bonding:
No. Need 240V power source? Explore here

No. Enter for expandable BLUETTI power stations

Simultaneous Recharge & Discharge:

60.6 lbs (27.5kg)

Dimensions (LxWxD):
16.5 x 11 x 15.2 in (42 x 28 x 38.65cm)

Operating Temperature:
32-104℉ (0-40℃)

Storage Temperature:
14-113℉ (-10-45℃)

UL Standard, CEC, DOE, FCC, CA Prop 65

24 Months (Enter to learn more about our warranty policy)

Optional Accessory

BLUETTI PV120/PV200/PV350 (Solar Panel)

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D050S (DC Charging Enhancer)

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AC Adapter & XT90 to DC7909

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Converter (Dual AC Input) 12V/25A RV Cable (DC Output)

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P090D To XT90 Cable (Battery Expansion)

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User Manual

BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station | 2000W 2000Wh User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Solar input

I have 4 Panels and want to wire those in series-parallel which would be ~71V with 4x217W
Each panel has a 35.98Voc.

Would this exceed BLUETTI AC200P 700W Max., VOC 35-150V, 12A?

I realize the watts exceed the 700 with ideal condition but would the BLUETTI FRY or just shut down the solar input at 700 or halt ALL input?


Lost power the other night for five hours. Plugged in a freezer, refrigerator, internet, television and lights. Kept us going through the power outage.

Ample power

Powerful unit that can be used during power outage. Love the fact that I can plug my air fryer and cook food with it and also power my Bodega fridge to cool down. my perishable goods.

Great Back-Up Power Solution

I purchased this around Christmas, it was the best purchase ever for extra power. I use with a transfer switch in case the power goes out. I was a little upset I got this right when the Max came out, Should of bought the Max instead, but it's all good. I might purchase a B300 in the future, I just wish the adapter to use that battery came with it

Working great with RV trailer

We got the AC200P primarily to provide 110 volt power to our RV trailer so we don't have to use a generator most of the time. It is working great. Wife can have her morning toast, run her Instant Pot or air fryer, and use her hair dryer without firing up a generator while dry camping. She is very happy. It will also run the roof top AC unit (equipped with soft start module), though not for more than a few hours before needing a charge. Trailer control panel already had a breaker installed to prevent charging the house batteries from this unit (our normal mode of use. We will try running the fridge on electrical vs propane during travel next, so propane can be turned off on the road. In between trips, the AC200P lives in home for use during power outages, etc, or goes on picnics with the whole family to run a pellet grill, lights, etc. Love the versatility. Just wish it were a bit lighter (but we can't have it all - I have strong kids that can easily man-handle it for me if needed).


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